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Streaming and Cloud Gaming Coming To Nintendo Switch Pro

The Switch Pro exists somewhere at Nintendo Towers, despite the company remaining tight-lipped about it. But its features are leaking, allowing us to paint a picture of what the console will eventually look like.

Over the summer, a report revealed that the Switch Pro will feature 4K graphics - for the first time on a Nintendo console.

But unlike the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the Switch Pro may offer portable 4K gaming. Not unlike a high-end gaming laptop.

Last week it was reported that the Switch Pro might also utilize a mini LED screen. Something that lends credibility to the portable 4K rumors.

But at their recent Nintendo Direct Mini Showcase, Nintendo unveiled its streaming and cloud gaming plans. This will work similarly to Sony’s PS Now and Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

Nintendo Switch Pro : 2 Concept Featured Image

Nintendo Switch Pro - Keeping Up With The Competition

Even with a 4K upgrade, the Switch Pro may not run some modern high-end games. The vanilla Switch hardware is capable of some impressive portable feats, but there’s often a reduction in quality.

That’s okay; after all, the selling point of the Switch is its portability. But a streaming option would eliminate even more barriers and allow the console to run more advanced games. And do so without compromising on performance.

A 4K screen would allow the console to do this without an upgrade to the native hardware. This would allow Nintendo to compete with Sony and Microsoft, but also offer something they don’t.

Nintendo’s event revealed that Control: Ultimate Edition and Hitman 3 would be coming to the new streaming service. With the former releasing right away.

Unlike other PS4 and Xbox One games, which have been toned down to appear on Switch, Control will not have received this treatment.

Read our coverage of Nintendo’s new mini LED screen plans here. We’ve also discussed how Microsoft would be open to bringing Xbox Game Pass to Switch Pro in the future.

You can watch the Nintendo Direct Mini Event here.