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Streamers Using VPNs for Easy Lobbies Are “Ruining” Warzone

Warzone fans think that streamers using VPNs to get easy lobbies are ruining the game for casual players!

The most important thing Warzone players want is to leave Caldera or Rebirth Island with a victory. Therefore, some gamers will do anything to give them a better chance of winning.

Warzone’s skill-based matchmaking changes how difficult your lobby is. To put it simply, it matches players with others of a similar skill level.

Here’s our in-depth guide on exactly how SBMM works in Warzone if you want more information.

However, many top players dislike the fact that they get difficult lobbies all the time so they have found a way around it.

Streamers have been using VPNs in Warzone to get easy lobbies for over a year now. And while they will enjoy dominating games against lower-skill opponents, many players think it is unfair.

In fact, some Warzone fans think that streamers using VPNs are totally ruining the game for casual players!

Also, find out how streamers use a VPN in Warzone to get easy games.

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Streamers Using VPNs to Avoid SBMM Are Ruining Casual Warzone

Not only are players suffering from Warzone server issues and freezing, but players are also fed up with the difficulty of their matches too.

A popular new post on the Warzone subreddit highlights how fed up the player base is getting with people using VPNs to get easy lobbies.

Redditor u/zkilla352 calls highly skilled players using VPNs “cheating” and hundreds of other Warzone fans agree.

Players are so upset with the increasing use of VPNs in Warzone because it makes the game much more challenging for casual players.

It’s already difficult for casual players to keep up with the Warzone weapons meta so coming up against top players is the last thing casual players need.

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warzone rebirth reinforced weapon trade stations

Everyone should have a chance of winning regardless of how good they are and so having SBMM is actually a good thing for casual players who don’t have loads of time to put into the game.

However, when top-level Warzone players use a VPN to get easy kills and wins in lower-skill lobbies, it is at the expense of casual players. This drives casual players away from the game and, in turn, makes Warzone more difficult for everyone.

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Although, on the flip side, top players don’t want every game to be super competitive. This is why they use a VPN in the first place.

Hopefully, developer Raven Software can find a solution to SBMM and VPN usage in Warzone that suits everyone. Maybe the long-awaited return of Iron Trials or the rumored Warzone ranked playlist could be the answer!

In other news, Warzone 2 is set to launch in 2023. Let’s hope it can bring back some of the magic the game had when it first launched.

Also, the sequel to the Battle Royale title could fix the VPN problem for good. Rumors suggest that Warzone 2 could have a ranked game mode as well as a new desert map!

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