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Streamer Accused of Cheating in Warzone Tournament by Pro Player

Warzone pro and 100 Thieves streamer Tommey has accused another player of cheating in a Warzone tournament.

Warzone is rife with hacks and glitches. There are even cheaters competing for money in top-level Warzone tournaments.

This is a huge problem and puts the competition’s integrity into question. Luckily, Warzone pro Tommey started his own investigation into whether one Warzone streamer was cheating.

Meanwhile, these shameless Warzone players made no attempt to hide their hacks.

Tommey Accuses Streamer of Cheating in Warzone Tournament

It started with Tommey being eliminated from a Mainland Gaming Warzone tournament. Afterward, he decided to watch the other competitors.

Pacesetter was the player who immediately caught his eye. However, Tommey soon thought that he was spectating a cheater.

This prompted an anti-cheat investigation into Pacesetter by the tournament admins. The admins then asked Pacesetter to provide his PC log. to see if he had been using a hacking program.

Pacesetter then left for an hour and was then disqualified from the tournament. The admins thought he could have been using this time to wipe his system log.


Tommey later watched many of Pacesetter’s VODs and became totally convinced that the Warzone streamer had been cheating. Pacesetter has since deleted these VODs.

Players in the community have praised Tommey for rooting out the cheater. However, Tommey urges fans to not give Pacesetter “mad hate” – being disqualified is enough punishment.

Despite the investigation, it is still impossible to prove whether Pacesetter was cheating or not. He uses a Twitch streaming software called XSplit which hides hacks if the player chooses to use them.

Watch the clip where Tommey accuses Pacesetter of cheating here.


Pace has admitted to cheating on an alt account but not on his main account.

Many top players have to face hacking accusations. Even NICKMERCS had to respond to claims that he was cheating.

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