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Strange Call of Duty: Warzone Glitch Hands Player the Win

Sometimes it feels like you’re just destined to win that game. That must have been the case for this Warzone player as a strange glitch hands them the win.

Call of Duty: Warzone isn’t known for being bug-free. In fact, its strange glitchy nature is what makes Warzone the battle royale we know and love.

Sometimes an odd moment will snatch away your hard-fought victory, and at other times, they might lead to an unfair win. The latter is certainly the case in a new clip that has surfaced online.

(Source: Activision)

Due to an unusual interaction between using a gas mask and getting simultaneously downed, the game breaks at a crucial moment. And since there were no more enemies to fight, the strange Warzone glitch hands the player a win.

Strange Warzone Glitch Leads to Easy Win

Reddit user howareyounownu shares their experience on the Warzone subreddit. It seems that even the player themselves is in disbelief at their recent victory.

As the Warzone player arrives in the game’s final ring, they and their teammate make up a quarter of the final eight players remaining. With eyes on the enemy position, the player downs one foe with an RPG.

Behind them, their teammate falls to another enemy, and the player clearly panics. They fire on two passing soldiers, throw a grenade at another, and call in artillery.

Modern Warfare and Warzone
(Source: Activision)

They’re able to take down two more incoming players, and then the player rushes to grab supplies. Finally, it comes down to just one final enemy, and this is where the strange Warzone glitch chooses to occur.

Spotting the enemy, howareyounownu opens fire but they have no plates and quickly get downed. At the second they drop, the gas passes and the mask-equipping animation begins.

For some reason, this allows the player to continue firing, even when down, and their enemy soon falls too. Thanks to the player’s self-revive, they get back in action and finish off their foe just in time.

Had this strange Warzone glitch not had occurred, it’s possible that the player would have died first in this position. The user was incredibly lucky, but this is just another reason why gas masks are broken in Warzone.

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