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Strange Black Ops Cold War Glitch Makes Enemies Explode

A crazy new glitch has been found in Black Ops Cold War that makes players explode into a mist of gore.

Black Ops Cold War has luckily ducked the brunt of complaints from Call of Duty fans for the most part.

The game has its own problems, but its bugs and glitches are so few and far between, fans don't have much to complain about in the development department.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Exploding Player Glitch
Black Ops Cold War

The bugs and glitches are a notorious part of Warzone gameplay, and it's pushing many fans away. Hackers, cheaters, and inadvertent game-breaking glitches are keeping the general Call of Duty fan from having fun in-game.

That doesn't mean Cold War gets away with it entirely, though. Some players have experienced some rough glitches; but thankfully, nothing particularly game-breaking has reared its head in multiplayer games just yet.

But, one player has found another hilarious glitch in Cold War. And it's one that turns a finisher into something that's probably more at home in the latest Mortal Kombat title.

The Hilarious Cold War Player Explosion Glitch

In a new clip posted to the Black Ops Cold War subreddit, user HavenWaldo has taken their finishing move a step too far.

Playing on the classic villa map, Raid, the player runs around the pool, a sniper rifle in hand. They run up the stairs south of the pool.

Standing there is an enemy, already in a firefight with someone just outside of the player's line of sight. They're already weakened, and even better, they don't know another assailant is right behind them.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Exploding Player Glitch
Black Ops Cold War's Raid Map

The player approaches and performs a finishing move on the enemy. They're still facing the other way, so the opportunity is there.

They pull off the crotch kick finisher, which is pretty funny by itself. But, as the enemy stumbles back after the attack, they fall into the stairs and vanish into a mist of blood.

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It's a hilarious glitch, and we're fascinated as to how it's happened.

We assume the animation forced the enemy's player model into an awkward position with the stairs, and the explosion is a failsafe to keep the model from glitching too violently.

The Cold War explosion glitch is intriguing, but primarily, it's hilarious. We're glad the extent to which Cold War remains "buggy" is just in the visual department, too.

Warzone has taken all of the heat for glitches so far. Players are reporting wallhackers in "almost every game", despite yet another Warzone ban wave.

Still, the community around Cold War is lively enough to keep up the quota of positivity for the series. Fans have revealed the next map they want to be remastered in Cold War.

They're also pretty pleased about the changes to the controversial Miami map in Season Two.

If you missed the announcement, here's everything coming to Black Ops Cold War in the Season Two update.

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