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Stick vs Motion Controls in Splatoon 3 – Which Is Best?

Choosing between stick and motion controls can be a difficult choice in Splatoon 3. To help you out, we’ve decided which one is the better option for you.

Players are finally getting to play the third Splatoon installment. Inklings and Octolings across the world are taking on others in classic matches of Turf War.

Splatoon 3’s bright visuals and child-like charm may make it look different from normal shooting games, but Splatoon is still a shooter at its core, with both a competitive and casual audience.

And the best way to beat other players and win online is by preparing and picking the right option. So which is better: stick or motion controls?

Splatoon 3: Stick vs Motion Controls

The best option to choose in Splatoon 3 is the motion controls, as it allows players to adjust their aim quickly, and to a better degree of accuracy.

If you’re used to playing games with both sticks, it can seem alien going to motion controls during your first hours of Splatoon 3. And there’s nothing stopping you from switching over to stick controls.

Splatoon 3 Motion Controls or Stick Aiming

However, many competitive Splatoon players use motion controls only, as it allows for quicker reflexes. The game was also built with that form of aiming in mind.

Not only that, but with some practice, aiming can feel more precise. The motion controls also feel smooth compared to stick aiming.

And, if you can make use of the evasive maneuvers in Splatoon, you’ll be winning most duals. Find out how to dodge roll in Splatoon 3!

You can also make use of the best settings for Splatoon 3 to make winning matches even easier!

Of course, it is all down to a matter of preference. If you can’t seem to get used to using motion to aim, you can keep using stick aiming. You’re free to swap it at any time so long as you aren’t in a match.

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