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Steve in Smash Bros Has Hilarious New Easy Win Bug

Bringing Minecraft’s Steve to Smash Bros. was no easy task, and a hilarious bug is already leading to easy wins.

To port Minecraft’s Steve into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Game Director Masahiro Sakurai had to alter the game as we know it. Due to the character’s ability to place blocks anywhere and everywhere, all stages required adjusting.

Now, Steve is finally here, but he’s already creating a hilarious bug that will help players instantly win the game. It seems that the blocks can not only help Steve recover, but they’re also capable of taking enemy stocks.

Minecraft Blocks In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Steve’s block-placing ability is what sets him apart from the rest of the game’s cast. That, alongside his blocky-physique and simple animations, that is.

And it’s this ability that is causing players to obtain easy wins in Smash Ultimate. Not only can the blocks be used to allow you to move anywhere in the stage, but they can also impact other players.

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One such use for the blocks is for preventing warping recoveries. Characters like MewTwo and Zelda cannot teleport through a block wall.

This means that the characters can be easily kept off stage once they are knocked off the edge. This same principle doesn’t apply to tether recoveries, however.

Characters like Joker or Zero Suit Samus will instantly break the blocks ahead of them with their grapple.

It’s worth noting that Steve’s blocks have limited durability, and standing on them quickly reduces it. But players have already found a way to use this to their advantage.

It appears that standing on top of a block as it crumbles will cancel all ending lag from his attacks. Therefore, he could step onto a block to attack, and be free from lag as it breaks.

This could lead to some nasty combos being created, but it’s not as game-changing as this next bug is.

Steve’s Hilarious Easy Win Bug

In a new day one bug for Steve, players can get a hilariously easy win, using nothing other than his blocks. It seems that with certain characters, breaking one of Steve’s blocks could end in an instant elimination.

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When stacking two blocks in this manner, a player who breaks the item with particular attacks may end up falling through the stage. Here, they’re trapped and plummet quickly to their demise.

This bug stems from the new block mechanics trying to resolve being broken. Instead of teleporting Samus upwards slightly on impact, the character is pushed down by the block above.

This leads to the fighter clipping through the stage below and getting trapped under there for good. So far, only certain characters and moves are affected by the new bug.

Something similar can be seen in this clip, using an anvil and Incineroar. This footage is far less clear with what’s going on, but it’s clear that Steve’s presence is causing some issues.

Now that Steve is finally out, players have been treated to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate update Ver 9.0 patch notes. There are some interesting changes coming to several fighters, but it looks like another fix patch will soon be incoming.

And for all those who have already downloaded the latest fighter, here’s how to change your biome on the Smash Bros. Minecraft stage.

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