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Starfield fans can rejoice as Microsoft has unveiled a brand-new Starfield Xbox Series X Wrap that players can customize their console with.

Microsoft is making it easier than ever to customize your Xbox with brand-new Wraps. These easy-to-apply covers completely transform your console and give it a unique look.

Fortunately, Starfield fans are being treated to a special Wrap. If you’re interested in picking it up for yourself, then you’ll find all the pre-order details below.

Pre-Order & Price

You can pre-order the Starfield Xbox Wrap in the US, UK, and Canada right now for $49.99/£44.99/CAD $64.99 on the Microsoft store.

It will release on Wednesday, October 18, 2023, and includes free shipping. You can pre-order them from the following places:

The Starfield Xbox Wrap next to the Mineral Camo and Arctic Camo wraps

There are two other wraps available for pre-order on the Microsoft Store, including an Arctic Camo and a Mineral Camo.

What Is the Starfield Xbox Series X Wrap?

The Starfield Xbox Wrap is one of the brand-new Xbox Series X Wraps, cosmetic additions for the console that transform the exterior shell with different decals and colors.

The Starfield variant follows the same design as the controller and headset, a predominantly white finish with red, orange, yellow, and blue colors on the front and Starfield-themed decals on the back.

It is made of plastic which is designed to wrap around the Series X console perfectly before being fastened at the back with velcro.

The Starfield Xbox Wrap extended so all sides are visible

The intention of the Starfield Xbox Wrap, and the Series X Wraps in general, is to give players a more affordable way of having customized or “special” versions of the console.

According to the press release concerning the Wraps, Microsoft explained that they are trying to deliver “an option that’s more affordable and more sustainable than purchasing a special edition or limited edition console.”

You can see it in action in the clip below:

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