When selling items in Starfield you’ll need to know which vendors have the most credits so you can sell your weapons and gear in the most efficient way possible.

Each vendor has a finite amount of credits at their disposal, which means you can’t sell to them once you have depleted their credit supply. You have to wait till they resupply or head to another vendor elsewhere to sell your stuff.

This can be incredibly frustrating when you want to offload all your junk quickly, so you can get back out there and hoard more of that sweet space loot.

Thankfully, there are a few select vendors out there that have more credits at their disposal than the average space peddler. There’s one location in particular that hosts the vendor with the most credits in Starfield. You won’t want to miss it!

Wide angle view of player talking to Zuri Abara at Zuri's Essentials shop in Starfield

Who is the Vendor With the Most Credits in Starfield?

The vendor with the most credits in Starfield is Zuri Abara from Zuri’s Essentials at The Key in the Kryx system. She has a total of 12,500 credits at her disposal to buy any items you wish to sell to her.

Do note: You need to be part of the Crimson Fleet Faction to access the Key in the Kryx system.

Zuri Abara will also purchase any contraband or stolen items from you, making her a great option to sell all types of goods.

Talking with Zuri Abara at the Key in Starfield

The Key is a brilliant place to sell your items in Starfield, as The Depot area has a total of six vendors all located in one area. Altogether, there is a total of 38,000 credits that vendors can use to buy items from you at the Key.

The Depot entrance in the Key Crimson Fleet base in Starfield

Here are all the vendors (in order of appearance) at the Key and the amount of credits they each have:

  • Aludra Tahan, Weapons – 4,500 credits
  • Taryn Kallis, TK’s Tactical Gear – 5,000 credits
  • Isra Liskova, General Goods – 3,500 credits
  • Zuri Abara, Zuri’s Essentials – 12,500 credits
  • Radley Jaso, Trade Authority – 11,000 credits
  • Samina Mizrah, Clinic – 1,500

How to Get to Vendor With the Most Credits in Starfield

To get to Zuri Abara, you need to travel to the Key in the Kryx system in Starfield. It is orbiting the planet Suvorov.

Here’s the plotted course from Alpha Centauri to the Kryx system in Starfield’s Starmap:

Plotted course from alpha Centauri to the Kryx system in Starfield's Starmap

You need to fly within 500 meters of the Key and then dock your ship:

Player flying close to the Key to dock ship in Starfield

Once inside, head to The Depot area after heading through the Cargo Bay doors. You’ll find Zuri Abara at the Zuri’s Essentials shop to the left after walking in a bit:

Front of Zuri's Essentials in the Key Crimson Fleet base in Starfield

The Key is the Crimson’s Fleet faction’s base of operations in Starfield. You will need to join the Crimson Fleet faction before you have access to the Key.

How to Join the Crimson Fleet to Access the Key in Starfield

There are two ways to join the Crimson Fleet in Starfield:

  1. Get caught stealing or with Contraband in your possession while in United Colonies occupied space
    • You will get brought immediately to the UC Vigilance ship where you can start the “Rook Meets King” quest to join the Crimson Fleet
Starfield The Almagest Contraband
  1. Progress along the UC Vanguard faction questline to unlock the “Deep Cover” mission
    • Commander John Tuala will send you to the UC Vigilance where you can start the same “Rook Meets King” quest to join the Crimson Fleet
Starfield UC Vanguard Commander John Tuala

It’s important to note that you can turn down the option to work undercover for the UC Sysdef and still get into the Crimson Fleet. After declining their offer, you’ll be contacted by the Crimson Fleet directly asking you to sign up after hearing about what you did.

Whatever you choose, all options will lead you to the Key in the Kryx system in Starfield where you will join the Crimson Fleet and have access to one of the best places to sell all your stuff!

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