If you’re finding that your Starfield ship turrets are displaying the error ‘turrets cannot be fired manually,’ there’s an easy fix to help solve the problem!

Starfield certainly leaves a lot for players to discover, and ship building is no exception. If you’re having trouble piecing together your perfect vessel, you’re not alone.

One common issue that players are experiencing is a Starfield error that reports ‘turrets cannot be fired manually.’ But what is this error, and how can you fix it?

Starfield: What Does Turrets Cannot Be Fired Manually Mean?

The message ‘turrets cannot be fired manually’ in Starfield pops up when players are pressing the button assigned to their turret, to let players know that these are automatic weapons, not manual ones.

What this means is that your turrets do not need to be manually activated like your ship’s other weaponry.

Starfield Disrupter Neutron Turret

Instead, so long as you’ve assigned power to your turrets, they’ll fire at any enemy within the turret’s range automatically!

Strangely, the weapons do still need to be assigned to a button when building your ship in Starfield, despite their automatic nature. But pressing that button will do absolutely nothing but display the irritating error message.

However, there are still several reasons why your turrets may not be firing as intended.

Why Are My Turrets Not Working in Starfield?

Your ship’s turrets may not be working for one of the following reasons:

  • You haven’t assigned them any power through your ship power allocation
    • Use the D-Pad or the arrow keys to assign power.
  • Enemy ships are not within range
  • Your turrets have not been assigned to a weapon group in the Ship Builder
    • Head to Ship Builder -> Flight Check -> Weapons and check that your turrets are assigned to a weapon group
  • Your turrets are facing backward or in an incorrect direction. Several turrets do not have a 360-degree firing circle, and can only rotate up to 180 degrees.
    • In Ship Builder, select your turret and then hit Flip to make sure they’re not facing the wrong direction
Turret Direction in Starfield
Rotating Turret to Face Forward in Starfield

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need the Skill ‘Automated Weapons System’ to get your turrets to work. Instead, that Skill simply increases the effectiveness of your automated weaponry.

Unfortunately, even with the fixes above, some users are still experiencing issues with their ship turrets firing inconsistently or not at all.

This simply seems to be a bug with Starfield right now that’s affecting many players. We’ll have to wait for future patches to fix the issue before everything is working as intended.

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