Looking for an easy way to sell items, make money, and offload some of that inventory? Here’s where to find Trade Authority locations in Starfield.

Making money in Starfield is easy, so long as you regularly sell your items with the Trade Authority. However, not all planets and outposts will have a convenient spot for you to exchange your loot for cash.

Here’s where to find each of the Trade Authority stores and kiosks, allowing you to sell goods with ease.

Where to Find the Trade Authority

Here are all the Trade Authority locations in Starfield, the only way to sell off that Contraband you’ve acquired on your travels:

Akila City, Akila (Cheyenne System)

  • Land at Akila City
  • Head into the city and GalBank will be on your right-hand side
  • Behind the bank, you’ll find the Trade Authority building
Trade Authority Location on Akila

Cydonia, Mars (Sol System)

  • Land at Cydonia and make your way inside the settlement
  • Head forward until you get to a Central Hub area
  • You’ll find the Trade Authority on your right-hand side
Trade Authority on Cydonia

Neon, Volii Alpha (Volii System)

  • Land on Neon
  • Head down the walkway straight ahead of the landing pad
  • Use the elevator
  • The Trade Authority will be in front of you, slightly to the left with a huge glowing sign.
Trade Authority on Neon in Starfield

New Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System)

  • When facing out from the MAST District Train Station, head right
  • Enter the elevator to The Well
  • Walk forward until you see an Exit sign, then take the next right
  • The Trade Authority will be right ahead of you.
Trade Authority on New Atlantis

The Den (Wolf System)

  • Dock at The Den space station
  • Head into the central area and the Trade Authority will be on your left
  • This is definitely the easiest Trade Authority to access, and won’t lead to being scanned for Contraband when you arrive
Trade Authority on The Well, Wolf System

The Key (Kryx System)

  • First you’ll need to be a member of the Crimson Fleet. A questline that sees you go undercover in the organization can begin if you get arrested.
  • Then Dock at The Key space station to find this Trade Authority.
  • This is another option for those who don’t want to be scanned before selling their goods.
Trade Authority on The Key Starfield

Trade Authority Kiosks are far more accessible and easy to encounter when you’re looking to sell items in a hurry. But only Trade Authority shops are willing to buy Contraband, so you’ll need to make the trip from time to time.

You can also occasionally find Trade Authority ships roaming the universe. Hail them with A (Xbox) or E (PC) and you can trade with them right from space!

We'll update this article as we discover more Trade Authority locations, so check back soon!

Where to Find Trade Authority Kiosks in Starfield

Trade Authority Kiosks are found in most major cities and outposts, usually in the same areas where you’ll land your ship. Look for the bright yellow Kiosk right near the landing zone.

An easy Trade Authority Kiosk to reach is waiting on the landing pad in New Atlantis on Jemison, a location you’ll return to many times throughout the Starfield story.

New Atlantis Trade Authority Kiosk

But there are also Kiosks at the following locations:

  • New Homestead on Titan (one of Saturn’s moons).
Trade Authority Kiosk Location in Starfield New Homestead
  • Just before entering Akila City on the planet Akila.
Akila City Trade Authority Kiosk
  • In the building to the left when you arrive in Neon on Volii Alpha.
Trade Authority Kiosk in Neon in Starfield
  • Near the landing pad in Hopetown on the planet Volvo.
Hopetown Trade Authority Kiosk
  • And finally just inside the dock and to the right-hand side when entering The Clinic space station, near Deepala in the Narion system.
Trade Authority Kiosk at The Clinic

What’s great about the Trade Authority Kiosk is that it takes items of all kinds, whereas many sellers will only buy things they specialize in.

We'll update this article as we discover more Trade Authority locations, so check back soon!

On top of that, the Kiosks even let you sell directly from your ship’s storage, meaning you won’t even have to have an item on you to cash it in.

However, while the Trade Authority itself is one of the only places willing to buy Contraband from you – the Kiosks will not buy your ill-gotten gains. For that, you’ll need to get to a Trade Authority store.

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