A recent leak showcased what could be one of the best-looking controllers to date, a Starfield-themed Xbox Series X controller!

Starfield is inching each passing date to its target launch date on September 6, 2023. However, the game has already been delayed in the past.

For this reason, seeing themed hardware on leaks is a positive sign the game could finally be close to achieving its programmed launch later this year.

Starfield-themed Xbox Controller Design Leaks

A white Starfield-themed Xbox Series X | S controller design was shared as a leak by the Xbox insider Idle Sloth on Twitter. The controller features red accents and a gold D-Pad color scheme.

According to the leaker, this is not a fan-made controller, but an actual official product. However, just as with every leak, take these images and information with a grain of salt.

The controller looks very classy. It’s front panel sports a four tone stripped accent surrounding the Xbox button, and red thumbsticks with grey toppers.

Additionally, it features grey-toned buttons over the Robot White cover. The front cover is decorated with patterns reminiscent to the control panels of the spacecrafts in the game.

The back of the controller is equally adorned. It has two-toned grey handles and a central red section. This red accent is embellished with a Constellation logo and the legend: “Property of Constellation.”

As a last nod to Starfield, the battery cover of this Xbox Series X | S controller is has a design printed in the inside part and a message that reads: “For all, into the Starfield.”

If the Starfield controller design came to be true, it would certainly be one of the best-looking special editions Xbox has manufactured to date.

The launch of the game is already five months away. So, we will have to wait just a bit more to get an official confirmation for this Starfield-themed Xbox controller.

As soon as there is official word on the matter, we will keep you posted!

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