Here’s where you can find the combination to win the Almagest jackpot in Starfield!

The Almagest is one of the most interesting locations in the early game of Starfield. It is a zero-gravity casino orbiting the planet Nesoi in the Olympus system – and is overrun with spacers!

However, the most exciting part about The Almagest is that you can win a jackpot of credits there.

Many players have found the Jackpot Backend terminal in a vent behind a large disc that looks like a vault door. Although, the jackpot is locked behind a combination.

The Almagest Jackpot Safe

Here’s the code for The Almagest jackpot, and where to find even better loot nearby in Starfield:

Almagest Jackpot Code Combination

The combination to get The Almagest jackpot in Starfield is 12, 19, 36, 5.

Input this combination into the Jackpot Backend terminal, and you will get 3700 credits.

While this prize may be a little disappointing for a jackpot, the true prize lies beside you. Also tucked away next to the terminal are two pieces of Contraband:

  • Va’Ruun Heretic Writings
  • Xenowarfare Tech
Starfield The Almagest Contraband

These items sell for a combined price of over 24,000 Credits, depending on your Commerce rank. Be sure to head to The Den to sell them without being scanned by the authorities – or you risk having them confiscated!

The Almagest Jackpot Combination Location

To find the code to unlock the The Almagest jackpot in Starfield, head to the top of the building. This is where you’ll find the Manager’s Office.

Use the terminal in the office and open the email helpfully titled Jackpot Combination to find out the code you need to enter.

Manager's Office Location on The Almagest

Even better, here you’ll find 3 safes to open (Novice, Advanced, & Master), a Credit Stick, and a Nova Galactic Manual which permanently reduces the fuel needed for a Grav Jump by 1%!

The safes actually contain even more Credits than the jackpot gives out, with over 4000 Credits up for grabs to those who have enough points in Security to unlock them.

Nova Galactic Manual in Starfield

All in all, The Almagest is a pretty profitable location, thanks to the safes and Contraband. However, the jackpot itself is nothing but a big disappointment!

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