Starfield’s story has managed to remain ambiguous and mysterious throughout the various gameplay showcases, but recent leaks threaten to ruin that for fans.

If you were planning on going into Starfield without any prior knowledge of its story or characters, then you may want to stay off the internet for the next few weeks.

While we won’t spoil any of the leaks below, we have detailed the situation surrounding these leaks and how best to avoid them.

Starfield Story Leaks

Starfield’s story has been leaked online via X, formerly Twitter, and Reddit, by several users. The leaks allegedly reveal the game’s ending alongside other minor details.

Users who don’t wish to see the spoilers have been warned to stay away from the Starfield subreddit, as well as the #Starfield tag on X.

Constellation members crowded round a mysterious artifact in Starfield

However, it’s worth noting that none of the spoilers have been officially confirmed, nor do they come from verified sources.

The majority of the leaks seem to come from self-described “PlayStation Ambassadors” who are also posting about review bombing Starfield prior to launch.

Nevertheless, it is being encouraged that fans avoid any Starfield-related content on Reddit or X until launch in case the leaks prove to be true.

If you do want to read the potential Starfield story spoilers, you can do so here.

The player walking through an ornate corridor filled with golden statues in Starfield

Starfield is no stranger to wild theories and leaks, and its story has even been leaked numerous times over the years.

Most notably, there was a substantial leak back in September 2021 that accurately revealed a lot of story details that have since been confirmed by official sources.

More recently, there was a leak in June 2023 that claimed to know the general plot of Starfield. However, like most leaks, it did not come from a particularly credible source.

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