Once they finish the Starfield campaign and enter New Game+, players have a choice to either skip or repeat the main quest. Here’s what each option has to offer.

When entering New Game+, you’ll be faced with an interesting option in Starfield. After making your way back to The Lodge, you’ll come face to face with Constellation once more.

And this time you’ll have two options to choose from when talking to Sarah Morgan:

  • [Repeat Main Quest] I want to join Constellation. Unravel this mystery with you.
  • [Skip Main Quest] I’m not who you think. I’m Starborn. I know what the Artifacts are.

The best thing about Starfield’s New Game+ mode is that both of these options have new content to offer. Here’s what you can expect:

Should You Skip or Repeat Starfield Main Quest?

When entering the New Game+, we recommend that players choose to skip the Starfield Main Quest as it offers the most changes and unlocks some interesting new dialogue too.

Obviously, Constellation will be shocked at your revelation, but new Starborn dialogue options also appear with your Mom and Dad, Keeper Aquilus, and more characters.

Skipping the Main Quest in Starfield

After skipping the Main Quest, you can freely explore the universe, gather Powers, and complete any side quests you wish to repeat.

Then, when you’re ready, you can hop to another new universe with the Unity without much delay.

However, while repeating the Starfield Main Quest does take some time, doing so will allow you to make one crucial change – you can save every member of Constellation during the attack in ‘A High Price to Pay’, which originally saw one of your friends die to The Hunter.

What Happens When You Skip the Starfield Main Quest?

When you choose Skip Main Quest in Starfield, you’ll tell Constellation about the Unity and what the Artifacts are for.

With your information, the team will gather up all the Artifacts you previously acquired, although you’ll be sent to collect six more that have changed location.

After finding all six Artifacts, you’ll assemble the Unity once more, and you can travel to yet another universe if you choose.

Telling Sarah You're Starborn in Starfield

Bear in mind that while Constellation was normal the first and second time around, it can be wildly different in future universes.

You may find an adult Cora Coe waiting for you, blaming you for her father’s death. Or a version of Andreja who is still loyal to House Va’ruun will be waiting for you, requiring you to kill Starfield’s best companion or convince her of your love for the Great Serpent.

You may even encounter another version of yourself who has already arrived in that universe! Exploring all the possibilities is the best part of the New Game+ experience, alongside unlocking the best Starborn armor in the game!

What Happens When You Repeat the Starfield Main Quest?

If you choose Repeat Main Quest in Starfield, you won’t tell Constellation about being Starborn or about the Unity.

Instead, the story will repeat itself exactly how it played out the first time – with a single exception. You’ll get a chance to stop any member of Constellation from dying.

The Lodge in Starfield

After completing the mission ‘Further Into The Unknown,’ a new [Starborn] dialogue option will appear when you talk to Vladimir.

This will allow you to tell him that the Artifacts need to be moved before The Hunter attacks.

Warning Vladimir in Starfield New Game+
Credit: GameSpot

Then, instead of the mission A High Price to Pay, you’ll instead unlock an exclusive New Game+ mission: Foreknowledge. This will have you build the Armillary sooner than in the previous universe, which prevents a Constellation member from dying this time around!

However, when The Hunter congratulates you on the clever move later, they inform you that they have killed everyone aboard The Scow in retaliation.

Captain Petrov in Starfield

For reference, this is the ship where you steal an Artifact from Captain Petrov in ‘No Sudden Moves’.

In addition to this major change, new [Starborn] dialogue will become available in several story missions, allowing you to bypass several problems with ease. There’s certainly an advantage to having lived this story once before!

Ultimately, the choice is yours whether to skip or repeat the Starfield Main Quest. Either way, you’ll likely be jumping ship to a new universe after assembling the Artifacts once more.

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