The Boot is a side quest in Starfield that gives players a decision to make – should you deliver the Lucky Boots to The Den, as you’ve been asked to do, or should you sell them to the worker there?

The UC Vanguard Surplus shop in New Atlantis’ The Well is a great place to buy weapons. However, when you step in there, you may notice someone trying to return some boots, claiming that they are unlucky.

Starfield The Boots Argument

Speak to the shopkeeper Antonio Bianchi after the argument and he’ll give you the side quest, The Boots, where he tasks you with delivering the ‘Lucky Boots’ to the remote space station in the Wolf system, The Den.

However, just as you go to place the boots in the crate, Conrad, a worker on the space station, offers to buy them from you. But should you deliver the Lucky Boots or sell them to the worker?

Starfield Sell the Lucky Boots

Should You Deliver the Lucky Boots to The Den or Sell Them to the Worker in Starfield?

The best choice is to deliver the Lucky Boots to The Den by placing them in the crate. This is the responsible thing to do and ensures that the Lucky Boots don’t curse anyone else!

Selling the Lucky Boots will net you 500 more credits. However, the worker will get crushed by a crate by the time you return!

Starfield Deliver the Lucky Boots to The Den

You will get 2500 credits and 150 XP when you return Antonio Bianchi and tell him that you have delivered the boots. This is the case regardless of which option you chose.

As there’s only a 500 credit difference between the two choices, you can go for whichever option you prefer. You won’t miss out on any significant rewards by picking either option!

Starfield The Boot Conrad Crushed

Players who want to do the right thing should certainly deliver the Lucky Boots. Meanwhile, players who want to cause chaos may prefer selling them and seeing whether they really are unlucky!

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