Ship Parts are the only way to repair your ship and replenish its health while in combat in Starfield.

It’s an essential resource that will significantly improve your survivability while taking part in dogfights in space. However, the game doesn’t do a good job of telling you that.

Below we go over how to use Ship Parts to repair your ship and the best ways of getting it in Starfield.

Starfield Player Ship in Space

How to Get Ship Parts in Starfield

There are two main ways to get Ship Parts in Starfield:

  1. Buy Ship Parts from vendors
  2. Loot Ship Parts from destroyed enemy ships

You can also get Ship Parts as part of the rewards for certain quests and activities you take part in while playing the game. However, this is quite unreliable and you’ll fare much better sticking to the two methods above.

Starfield player ship next to destroyed enemy ship in space

Where to Buy Ship Parts in Starfield

You can buy Ship Parts from various vendors in Starfield. Here are some of the easiest vendors to find that stock Ship Parts in their inventories:

  • Jemison Mercantile – Spaceport, New Atlantis
  • UC Distribution Center – Commercial District, New Atlantis
  • Shepard’s General Store – Akila City
  • UC Exchange – Lower Level 1, Cydonia
  • Sieghart’s Outfitters – Neon Core
  • Newill’s Goods – Neon Core

As Vendor’s refresh their stock every 24 hours in-game, buying from Vendors is the most reliable method to get Ship Parts in Starfield.

It’s important to note that, as a health-related item, Ship Parts are listed under the “Aid” section of a Vendor’s inventory.

Starfield Ship Parts in Vendor Inventory

We recommend heading over to Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis, as it’s the earliest vendor you will encounter in Starfield. It’s located to the left as you walk out of the spaceport in New Atlantis.

Each ship part costs a total of 1,225 credits, depending on your rank in Commerce skill. Jemison Mercantile usually stocks 4 Ship Parts per refresh.

Starfield Jemison Mercantile Exterior

Jemison Mercantile is also a great place to buy Ship Parts because it is very close to your ship near the spaceport on New Atlantis. As Ship Parts weigh a hefty 10kg apiece, you’ll want to unload them onto your ship as soon as possible to prevent getting over-encumbered.

How to Loot Ship Parts From Destroyed Ships

You can pick up Ship Parts as loot after destroying enemy ships in space combat in Starfield. You’ll need to target the destroyed ship and fly within 500m to check its inventory to see if there are Ship Parts to take.

Here’s how to loot Ship Parts from destroyed ships:

  • Target a destroyed enemy ship
    • After defeating an enemy ship, press “A” on Xbox and “E” on PC to target the destroyed ship
Starfield Targeting enemy ship
  • Fly within 500m of the destroyed ship while targeting it
Starfield Targeting Destroyed Enemy Ship
  • Loot the salvage on the ship
    • It has quite a high chance of containing Ship Parts
Starfield Looting Destroyed Ship

Though this is a good method of getting ship parts, you are not always guaranteed to find Ship Parts on destroyed ships. It can also be quite hard to find ships to destroy when out exploring.

Therefore, we recommend buying ship parts from vendors.

How to Use Ship Parts to Repair Your Ship

To use Ship Parts to repair your ship in Starfield, you need to press the “Right Stick” on Xbox and “O” on PC after your hull has taken damage.

Your Hull will start to take damage after your shields are depleted. If your Hull health drops all the way down, your ship will be destroyed.

You can see the status of your ship Hull health in the bottom right corner of the screen under “Hull”:

Starfield Using Ship Parts to repair ship Hull health

Initiating a repair will heal 4% of Hull damage per second for 10 seconds and works similarly to a med pack when on foot.

It’s a handy way of staying alive in challenging ship combat encounters. Just make sure to engage your boost thrust to get out of the firing line for a while to give your Hull time to heal and your shields a chance to recharge.

How To Repair Your Ship Without Ship Parts in Starfield

To repair ships without Ship Parts in Starfield, you need to speak to a Ship Services Technician at a spaceport and pay 1,000 credits.

Starfield Ship Services Technician

You can find the Ship Services Technician at any spaceport in Starfield. Selecting the “My ship needs some repairs” option will repair your ship’s Hull to full health at the cost of 1,000 credits.

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