Starfield has dominated the gaming discussion as of late, and it’s no surprise that players are anxious to know when the review embargo lifts for this space-faring adventure.

Many are considering Starfield to change the gaming landscape and introduce an adventure on the scope of Elden Ring.

Thankfully, you may not need to wait much longer to see if Starfield lives up to the hype since the official review embargo date has been officially revealed.

What Time Does the Starfield Review Embargo Lift?

The Starfield review embargo will lift on Thursday, August 31, 2023, at 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET/ 5 PM BST. This is when reviews for Starfield will finally begin to come out from various outlets and content creators.

Players who haven’t pre-ordered the game yet will have a full day to look over their favorite critic’s reviews and opinions on Starfield before they decide if they want to pre-order for Early Access.

When Do Starfield Reviews Drop?

There are until Starfield reviews are finally posted across various sites.

Reviewers were reportedly sent codes for the game starting on August 17, 2023, which gives them roughly two weeks to test out the game before it releases. This could mean that even with review scores, it’ll be hard to pinpoint the exact scope of Starfield until you play it yourself.

Starfield Interior Storage

The hype for Starfield is definitely massive, and many players have held it at the top of their list of most anticipated games for a few years now. It seems almost surreal that Starfield is finally releasing soon.

You will be able to see reviews for Starfield when the embargo lifts on August 31 on the following sites:

Once reviews begin to go live, you will also likely see videos of gameplay begin to surface around the internet. This will help you see how Starfield plays and if it’s a game that you want to spend your money on.

However, if you own Game Pass, then you will have access to Starfield as part of the subscription on September 6, the day that it officially releases.