The Red Mile in Starfield is a crooked casino and hotel where seedy ne’er-do-wells gamble their illicitly earned credits and have the chance to risk their lives to earn it big.

Undoubtedly the shady casino’s largest attraction is the Red Mile Run. Running the Red Mile offers brave challengers a chance to gain credits and other interesting rewards for completing the dangerous and deadly course.

Below we go over everything you need to know about the Red Mile in Starfield, including its location, how to complete the “Run the Red Mile” side quest, and all rewards.

Outside Red Mile building in Starfield

Where is the Red Mile in Starfield?

The Red Mile is located on the Porrima III planet in the Porrima system in Starfield. Here’s the plotted course from Alpha Centauri to the Porrima system in the Starmap:

Plotted course from Alpha Centauri to the Porrima system in Starfield's Starmap

Porrima III is the third closest planet to the system’s star:

Porrima III in the Starmap in Starfield

Select Porrima III in the Starmap and land at the Red Mile landing pad.

How to Complete the Red Mile in Starfield

To complete the Red Mile, you must first speak with Mei Devine at the casino to initiate the “Run the Red Mile” side quest. Then, you need to navigate through a deadly course, facing dangerous alien creatures and hazardous conditions.

To complete the course, you need to head to the top of an industrial outpost and activate a beacon, then head back to the starting position without dying. Good luck!

Approaching red Mile Beacon in Starfield

Follow these steps to complete the “Run the Red Mile” side quest and complete the Red Mile in Starfield:

  1. Head into the Red Mile casino
    • It is in front of you near the landing pad
Outside of Red Mile building in Starfield
  1. Talk to Mei Devine
    • You can find her near the bar
    • Express your interest in running the Red Mile
Talking to Mei Devine at the Red Mile in Starfield
  1. Wait for Mei to make an announcement
Player watching Mei Devine make an announcement at the Red Mile in Starfield
  1. Before heading through the Red Mile doors, make sure you have enough ammo and Med Packs for the course
    • You can buy weapons, ammo, and aid from Sati Chandra
    • She is located behind the bar
Sati Chandra behind the bar at the Red Door in Starfield
  1. Equip armor with a high Thermal stat
    • As Porrima III is a frozen planet, running through the Red Mile will likely inflict Frostbite on your character
    • Look out for and equip armor pieces with a higher Thermal stat
Highlighting Thermal armor stat on Mantis Helmet in Starfield
  1. Go through the Red Mile doors
    • Follow the quest marker and head down the stairs to the elevator that takes you to the beginning of the Red Mile challenge
Red Mile doors in Starfield
  1. Start running towards the beacon at the outpost tower in the distance with the large “Red Mile” sign
    • We recommend using Amps to increase your jump height and drinking the Red Mile exclusive “Runner’s Rush drink” to increase movement speed and Oxygen recovery
      • Runner’s Rush can be bought from Sati Chandra at the bar
Wide shot of Red Mile beacon in the distance in Starfield
  1. Defeat any alien enemies on the way
    • As you make your way toward the beacon, you’ll come across various alien Red Mile Mauler enemies
    • They will charge you and deal melee damage – when they gang up on you they can deal lots of damage
    • Try and shoot them from a distance while dodging their projectile attacks
Player fighting a Red Mile Mauler in the Red Mile in Starfield
  1. Activate the beacon
    • Activating the beacon usually attracts a few more Red Mile Maulers to attack you – be prepared
Activating the pedestal to set off the beacon at the Red Mile in Starfield
  1. Loot the area near the beacon
    • There is a chest right next to the beacon that contains a random assortment of weapons, credits, and general items
Chest with weapons and ammo near the Red Mile beacon in Starfield
  1. Head back to the Red Mile Casino
    • Head back down the way you came
    • A lot more Red Mile Maulers will spawn – try and avoid as many as you can on your descent
Heading back to the Red Mile Casino in the Red Mile in Starfield
  1. Talk to Mei
    • Use the elevator to head back up to the casino and talk to Mei to claim your reward!
Talking to Mei Devine to claim reward after completing the Red Mile in Starfield

After completing the Red Mile for the first time, you’ll enter the leaderboards. To get the full rewards for the Red Mile you must complete the course a further 28 more times to beat the high score!

Starfield Red Mile – All Rewards

The first time you beat the Red Mile you’ll get a unique Rare Shotgun, credits, and XP. If you beat the course a total of 29 times, you’ll receive more XP and credits, and a unique Rare Rifle for your troubles.

Here are all the rewards for completing the Red Mile in Starfield:

Run the Red Mile Quest Rewards

  • 100 XP
  • Credits (amount based on level)
  • Brute Force Shotgun
Brute Force Shotgun stats Red Mile reward in Starfield

The Brute Force Shotgun is a powerful variant of the Pacifier Shotgun in Starfield. It has high Physical damage and the “Bashing” modifier, which deals double damage when bashing enemies.

Rewards for Completing the Red Mile 29 Times & Beating the Record

You have to run the Red Mile a total of 29 times (including the run completed during the side quest) to get full rewards. They are:

  • Roughly 100 XP per run
  • Credits (amount based on level) per run
  • Desperation Rifle
  • Mounted Red Mile Apex decoration
Red Mile Leaderboards in Starfield

As well as credits and XP per run, you’ll also get your hands on the Desperation unique Rifle. it deals decent damage and has the “Cornered” modifier, which increases your damage as your heal decreases.

Red Mile Leaderboards reward Desperation rifle stats in Starfiled
Credit: Sylvus

You also get a decoration you can use while building Outposts:

Red Mile Leaderboards rewared Mounted Red Mile Apex outpost decoraton in Starfield
Credit: Sylvus

Unfortunately, these rewards don’t seem worth the extra effort required. We recommend completing the Red Mile once for the quest and spending your time elsewhere in the game!

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