When picking Traits in Starfield, players can choose if they want to go down the religious path by opting for one of three options, including Raised Enlightened.

Choosing the Raised Enlightened Trait means players cannot select other religious options.

Its description reads: “You grew up as a member of the Enlightened. You gain access to a special chest full of items in the House of the Enlightened in New Atlantis but lose access to the Sanctum Universum chest.”

If you are wondering where to find this chest, or even if this Trait is worth selecting, look no further as we dive into all the information you need to know to make an informed decision!

Where to Find the House of the Enlightened in Starfield

To find the House of the Enlightened and its chest, you must head to the elevator around the corner from the Jemison Mercantile in the Spaceport area of New Atlantis.

Once you take the elevator to The Well, the House of the Enlightened will be right there as you exit.

  1. Travel to New Atlantis.
  2. Upon landing at Spaceport, continue straight ahead and take the first left.
  3. Continue straight towards the Jemison Mercantile building shown in the image below.
  4. On the right side of this building and around the corner, there will be an elevator you can take down to The Well.
  5. Once you leave the elevator, you should see a large wooden sign saying “House of the Enlightened.”
House of the Enlightened location

Once you head inside, go to the back office, taking the first left into a room with chairs set up in a circle. To the left of the chairs, you will find the chest.

What’s Inside the House of the Enlightened Chest in Starfield?

There are 8 items inside Starfield’s House of the Enlightened chest, which includes 4 books, 2 sets of consumables, 1 drink item and a 1 piece of clothing. Here is the full list of what’s inside the chest:

  • Charity in a Godless Universe: Part I
  • Charity in a Godless Universe: Part II
  • Charity in a Godless Universe: Part II
  • Charity in a Godless Universe: Part IV
  • Med Pack x 5
  • Heart+ x 2
  • Boom Pop! Cola
  • Settler Poncho Outfit
Settler Poncho Outfit

Is Raised Enlightened Trait Worth it in Starfield?

No, the Raised Enlightened Trait is not worth picking in Starfield as there are minimal benefits compared to other traits.

While this Trait offers some unique dialogue with the House of the Enlightened, the items from the chest are not worthwhile.

Traits such as Kid Stuff, Worshipped, and Dream House offer much better rewards worth your time.

House of the Enlightened Chest Starfield

How to Remove Raised Enlightened Trait in Starfield

To remove the Raised Enlightened Trait in Starfield, you must:

  • Locate Andy Singh in the House of the Enlightened.
  • Speak with him.
  • Select the option: “[Raised Enlightened] I’m not sure I want to be a part of the Enlightened anymore.” 
  • Lastly, choose the option: “[Remove Raised Enlightened Trait permanently] I just can’t be part of the Enlightened any more.”
Andy Singh Dialogue to leave the Enlightened
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