Starfield players have a choice of selecting two religious based Traits that offer an exclusive chest but which is better between Raised Enlightened vs Raised Universal?

Selecting Traits is a big decision in Starfield as they can vastly change how you experience Bethesda’s latest RPG. One of the pathways players can go down, is religion.

The Enlightened and Universal are two option for players looking for this type of Starfield experience. If you are wondering which Trait is better, look no further as we dive into which one you should pick.

Should I Choose Raised Enlightened or Universal in Starfield?

There are minimal differences between Raised Enlightened and Raised Universal in Starfield, with the only major difference being the outfit you receive from the Traits chest.

For players who struggle to manage their Oxygen levels, the Raised Universal will be the way to go in Starfield as it offers 5% increase in O2 recovery.

Meanwhile, players who struggle to manage their health, the Raised Enlightened Trait will be best. This outfit offers a +10 in Health Points.

Both Traits offer similar rewards and unique dialogue options, so it will entirely come down to which outfit you prefer and whether the stat benefits suit your playstyle.

Additionally, players can always switch between each religion if they want. This can be done by speaking to Andy Singh at the House of Enlightenment location or Keeper Aquilus at the Universal Sanctum.

Raised Enlightenment vs Raised Universal Starfield outfits
Left: Raised Universal Neocity Urbanwear / Right: Raised Enlightenment

Universal Sanctum vs. House of Enlightenment Clothing

The Universal Sanctum chest offers players the chance to grab the Neocity Urbanwear. This offers players increased resistance from Energy and Airborne Damage, while providing a 5% buff to oxygen recovery.

Meanwhile, the House of Enlightened chest offers the Settler Poncho Outfit. This will provide more resistance from Physical, Electromagnetic, and Corrosive Damage as well as offer a bonus of +10 Health Points.

Additionally, each set of clothing comes with even more slightly lower boosts. You can see a full breakdown here:

OutfitPhysical Damage ResistanceEnergy Damage
Electromagnetic Damage ResistanceThermal Damage ResistanceCorrosive Damage ResistanceAirborne Damage ResistanceRadiation Damage ResistanceMassValueEffect
Neocity Urbanwear520101001501.3150+5% O2 Recovery
Settler Poncho Outfit155151015001.2150+10 Health
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