The official Starfield pre-load date may have just been revealed by Amazon – and it’s sooner than you’d think.

If you just can’t wait to get stuck into Bethesda’s new space RPG, you’ll want to pre-load early so Starfield is ready to play the moment it goes live.

For most players, Starfield should go live the moment the clock strikes midnight and the day rolls over to September 6. But those who purchase the Premium or Constellation Editions will be able to play the moment September 1 arrives.

The player in Starfield overlooking a field

With that in mind, be sure to pre-load Starfield well ahead of launch!

Starfield Pre-Load Date Revealed

According to Amazon’s product description, Starfield will be available to pre-load on Xbox Series X and S on Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

When viewing the Starfield Standard Edition Digital Code on Amazon, the site reports new details about the Bethesda game’s upcoming pre-load:

“Pre-load after 08/09/2023,” the description reads. “Game will be playable after 09/06/2023.”

It’s possible from the wording that Amazon simply knows the pre-load will be arriving after August 9, 2023.

However, this wouldn’t be the first time that the online retailer has leaked details about an upcoming game and we believe it’s much more likely that the 9th is the day we can expect pre-loads to drop.

Starfield Pre-Load Date

Also, the note about pre-loading Starfield is not available for the PC code of the game. We wouldn’t anticipate a PC pre-load to go live until much closer to release day, to avoid leaks through datamining.

For now, we’d take this new product listing leak with a pinch of salt.

We'll update this article as soon as Microsoft or Bethesda reveal Starfield's official pre-load date!

How to Pre-Load Starfield

Starfield will be available to pre-load on Xbox Series X/S on August 9, 2023. To pre-load the game:

  • Either pre-order Starfield or be a member of Xbox Game Pass.
  • Then find Starfield on the Xbox Store or your Game Pass app
  • Select Pre-Install

Note: The Pre-Install option is already available for Game Pass subscribers right now. However, the game will only install a 10 MB file on PC at this moment in time, and it won’t fully install on console either.

How to Pre-Install Starfield

Once pre-load becomes available, that install should receive a sizable update, after which the entirety of Starfield will be pre-loaded.

Starfield Download Size

Starfield’s official specs report that the game’s download size is 125 GB so be sure you clear up enough space before pre-loading.

We’ll update this article with all the necessary details, including the official download size, as soon as the pre-load goes live!

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