Starfield is finally almost ready to launch and you can pre-load the game early on all platforms to get going right away on release day.

For those unaware, we are now only days away from the release of Starfield on September 6 (and early access begins on Sep 1!).

And if you want to avoid a staggeringly large download on launch day, you’ll want to pre-load Starfield early. Here’s what you need to know:

Starfield Xbox Pre-Load Date

Starfield is now available to pre-load on Xbox consoles and Windows PC. Pre-loading went live on Thursday, August 17, 2023.

This was officially confirmed on the Bethesda Game Studios Twitter account.

However, those on Steam will have to wait until much closer to launch day to pre-load the upcoming title.

Starfield Steam Pre-Load Date

Starfield is now available to pre-load on Steam. Pre-loading went live on Wednesday, August 30, 2023 – just two days before Early Access arrival.

Starfield Install Size

According to the current pre-loads, Starfield’s install size will be 126 GB at launch on Xbox, and a whopping 140 GB on PC.

Therefore, a lot of fans, particularly those with slower internet speeds, will want to pre-load the game early to avoid waiting on release day.

Of course, it’s possible that a day one patch, or future updates, will further increase the download size of Starfield. And the installation space required may vary slightly between Xbox and PC.

The player character on a moon in Starfield

How to Pre-Load Starfield on Xbox

To pre-load Starfield on Xbox Series X or S, you must first pre-order the game OR be an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. Then:

  • Turn on your Xbox console
  • Search for Starfield on the Xbox Store
  • Select Pre-Install

Starfield’s pre-install file for Xbox will go live on August 17, 2023.

How to Pre-Load Starfield on PC

To pre-load Starfield on the Xbox Store:

  • Open the Xbox Game Pass app
  • Search for Starfield
  • Click Pre-Install
The pre-install page on Starfield store page

To pre-load Starfield on Steam:

  • Open the Steam app
  • Search for Starfield
  • Purchase the game and select Pre-Install

Is Starfield Available to Pre-load Now?

Yes, Starfield is now available to pre-load on Xbox and PC.

It’s time to start downloading so you’re ready for lift-off the moment Starfield goes live in early access on September 1.

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