In Starfield, players can discover a ton of extra powers to aid them in battle, and here is a complete list of each one and how to get them.

Collecting every power can be a long process, but the individual action of getting your hands on them is pretty simple.

If you are wondering how to get each power, you are in the right place. So let’s dive in and discuss every ability.

All Starfield Powers List & How to Get

There are a total of 24 powers in Starfield, and here is a complete list of each one, as well as how to unlock their corresponding temple.

Temples can be found after completing the quests listed below and then speaking with Vladimir Sall:

PowerAbilityTempleHow to Get
Anti-Gravity FieldCreates an anti-gravity field in the area that paralyzes enemies nearby.EtaFinish the “Into The Unknown” quest.
Sense Star StuffChannels a power that shows all life forms in the nearby area.ChiFinish “The Empty Nest” quest.
Personal AtmosphereProvides an unlimited supply of oxygen around a small area for a short duration.AlphaComplete “Power From Beyond.”
Gravity WaveCreates a gravity wave in front of you that makes enemies stagger and fall.BetaComplete “Power From Beyond.”
PrecognitionSee the consequences of your actions and chosen dialogue options by looking into the multiverse.IotaComplete “Power From Beyond.”
Grav DashPropel yourself forward and increase your damage output for a limited time.ZetaComplete “Power From Beyond.”
Creators’ PeaceMakes all enemies nearby passive and they become disarmed.NuFinish the “All That Money Can Buy” quest.
Solar FlareUnleash an intense solar beam that damages and sets enemies on fire.ThetaFinish the “Further Into The Unknown” quest.
Reactive ShieldCreates an antimatter shield that will reflect any projectiles and increase your resistance to damage for a short time.TauFinish the “Further Into The Unknown” quest.
Alien ReanimationBrings an alien back from the dead to fight on your side for a short time.PhiFinish the “No Sudden Moves” quest.
Parallel SelfBring an alternate version of yourself from another universe to help you for a short duration.SigmaFinish the “Worlds Apart” quest.
Void FormBecome invisible for a limited time by warping the light around you.OmicronFinish the “Final Glimpses” quest.
Eternal HarvestHarvested flora will regrow in a large area around you.LambdaFinish the “Entangled” quest.
Elemental PullInorganic resources will be blasted and pull towards you.PsiFinish the “Unearthed” quest.
Phased TimeSlow down time for a short duration.MuFinish the “Revelation” quest.
Gravity WellCreate an area of dense gravity which will pull everyone and everything in, crushing them.DeltaGet from the Hunter after “Revelation.”
EarthboundChange gravity levels to that of Earth for a small duration.EpsilonGet from the Hunter after “Revelation.”
Create VacuumCut off the O2 supply for nearby enemies for a short duration.GammaGet from the Hunter after “Revelation.”
Sunless SpaceShoot an ice ball that is as cold as space, freezing any living creature in the blast.KappaGet from the Hunter after “Revelation”
Inner DemonForce an enemy to confront their inner demons, creating a mirror image that attacks them.UpsilonGet from the Hunter after “Revelation.”
Particle BeamFire an beam of particle energy that deals a high amount of damage to enemies in front of you.OmegaGet from the Emissary after “Revelation.”
Moon FormGreatly increase your resistance become as strong as stone as you become rooted in place.RhoGet from the Emissary after “Revelation.”
Life ForcedDrain the life force from another creature and transfer it to yourself.PiGet from the Emissary after “Revelation.”
SupernovaExplode with the power of a supernova, dealing high damage in the area around you.XiGet from the Emissary after “Revelation.”
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How to Get Powers in Starfield

To find new powers in Starfield, you must:

  1. Collect Artifacts.
  2. Locate Vladimir Sall.
    • He is mainly found on The Eye.
  3. Talk to Vladimir Sall.
    • After finding new artifacts, Vladimir will have new temple locations.
  4. Visit Corresponding Planets.
    • Travel to the planet where the temple is found.
    • Additionally, if players naturally land on a planet with a temple, they can skip steps 1-4 and head straight to the temple.
  5. Follow the anomaly on your scanner.
    • Upon landing, open your scanner and follow the direction where your scanner starts to gain static.
Scanner anomaly
  1. Enter the Temple.
    • Once you find the temple, enter it.
  2. Float through the sparkles of light.
    • Inside, there will be sparkles of light that you need to float through to send power to the central ring.
Sparkle of light in temple
  1. Activate the central ring.
    • When the ring stops spinning, float through the middle of it.
Full ring in temple
  1. Gain the Ability.

Best Powers in Starfield

The best powers in Starfield are as listed:

  1. Anti-Gravity Field
  2. Supernova
  3. Precognition
  4. Grav Dash
  5. Reactive Shield
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Anti-Gravity Field

This power is beneficial when surrounded by many enemies in a short area. Using this power will stop all hostiles in their tracks, making them float briefly.

This will allow you to deal damage without fear of them damaging you.


Supernova is a highly effective power. It can deal tons of damage to mid-tier enemies and significantly reduce the armor of hostiles.

Using Supernova can drastically bring down how long a fight will take.


This power can be used in stealth missions to see an NPC’s path. This allows you to know where to move to avoid being detected.

It can also be used to see what reaction an NPC will give to a particular dialogue option, allowing you to avoid an angry response from a companion.

Grav Dash

If you are ever low on health or in a tricky situation, Grav Dash can help you evade combat with ease. It can also be used to increase movement across a terrain.

Reactive Shield

Reactive Shield is both an offensive and defensive power all rolled into one. The protective shield will reduce incoming damage. Meanwhile, the shield will reflect any projectiles onto hostile enemies.

It is most useful when taking on a ton of enemies at once.

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