Starfield’s planet exploration has been kept a mystery for some time, but gameplay footage has revealed just how much of each planet you can explore.

Bethesda games are famous for many things, but perhaps one of their most memorable aspects is the idea of “You see that mountain? You can climb it.”

Fortunately, new gameplay has revealed how extensive planet exploration is in Starfield and, Todd Howard has revealed the modes of transport available to players when exploring.

Are Planets Fully Explorable in Starfield?

Yes, for the most part, planets are fully explorable in Starfield. Players can land absolutely anywhere on a planet or fast-travel to a known location and then explore a kilometer-wide area of it.

However, you won’t be able to walk from one end of a planet to another, as there are planet boundaries or invisible walls stopping you.

Leaked gameplay footage revealed that players will receive a pop-up message when they stray too far from their ship that reads, “Boundary Reached. Open the map to explore another region, or return to your ship.”

Once you get to that point, you will need to travel to another spot on the planet. So, in theory, you can explore the entire planet, just not in one go.

Nevertheless, the zones you can explore are massive and will take roughly 10 minutes to walk from one end to another.

The player in a space suit looking at distant mountains and a planet in Starfield

Are There Vehicles in Starfield?

No, there are no vehicles that the player can use to explore in Starfield. Instead, players are limited to walking, running, or using their Boost Pack (jetpack) to get around.

This was confirmed by Todd Howard during the Kinda Funny Xcast. In the interview, Howard spoke about how there are no vehicles or mounts but that the Boost Pack was fun to use while exploring.

“There is not [a vehicle or mount]. You know, we’ve seen this with our other games where we want to design it so it feels good on foot. But we do have the Boost Pack […] and you have skills for the Boost Pack. So, the Boost Pack almost acts like this vehicle.”

Additionally, players can not fly in the starship within the planet like in No Man’s Sky. Once you land, your ship is locked and can only go back into space to then land at a different point.

You can watch the Kinda Funny Xcast clip below to see Howard discuss vehicles in Starfield:

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