Some astute players have noticed that Starfield’s Phil Hill is voiced by none other than Brian David Gilbert.

Phil Hill is the secretary of L.I.S.T in Starfield, which is an organization that searches for habitable planets to send its members to settle on.

Fans of Brian David Gilbert will be happy to know that the popular internet content creator voices the character, but where can you find Phil Hill in Starfield?

Wide shot of player standing next to Phil Hill at the Broken Spear bar in Cydonia in Starfield

Starfield Brian David Gilbert – Where to Find Phil Hill in Starfield

You can find Phil Hill over at the Broken Spear bar in Cydonia in Starfield. It’s on Mars in the Sol system.

Here’s a plotted course from Alpha Centauri to the Sol system on the Starmap:

Showing course from Alpha Centauri to the Sol System in Starfield's starmap

Mars is the fourth closest planet to the system’s star:

Highlighting Mars in the Sol system on the Starmap in Starfield

Once you have selected Mars, land in the Cydonia area on the planet.

Upon entering the Air Lock to get into the city, you’ll see the Broken Spear bar to your right after walking in a little:

Broken Spear entrance in Cydonia in Starfield

Phil Hill is sitting behind a stack of papers and books at one of the tables in the Broken Spear:

Phil Hill sitting behing a stack of books at the Broken Spear in Cydonia in Starfield

It’s important to note that, after this encounter, you’ll be able to find Phil Hill at other bar locations in major cities across the galaxy in Starfield.

The Viewport bar entrance in New Atlantis in Starfield

For example, here he is sitting at The Viewpoint bar near the Jemison Mercantile shop in New Atlantis:

Phil Hill in The Viewport bar in New Atlantis in Starfield

Who is Phil Hill in Starfield?

Phil Hill is the secretary of an organization known as L.I.S.T that seeks out habitable planets to send its members to colonize.

You can initiate the “Top of the L.I.S.T” miscellaneous quest after encountering and agreeing to help Phil in Cydonia.

Talking to Phil Hill for the top of the L.I.S.T quest in Starfield

You need to fully survey a habitable planet and bring the survey data back to Phil to complete the quest. From this point onwards, you can sell any survey data you acquire to Phil Hill. He is one of the only other NPCs that you can sell this data to other than Vladimir.

Who is Brian David Gilbert?

Brian David Gilbert is a prominent American content creator, internet personality, and voice actor.

Gilbert is most famous for his entertaining work at Polygon, having starred in the popular internet series “Unraveled”. Here he explored video game lore in absurd specificity.

Brian David Gilbert in Pokemon Edibility Unraveled episode on Polygon
Brian David Gilbert in the Pokemon Edibility Unraveled episode on Polygon
Credit: Polygon

Regarding voice acting work, Brian David Gilbert has previously appeared in Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake, in addition to doing several voices in Fallout 76.

For more of the game’s voice cast, be sure to check out all voice actors for the Constellation companions in Starfield here!

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