Pete Hines recently took part in a fan Q&A over on Discord, giving a lot of new details regarding Bethesda’s upcoming space RPG epic, Starfield.

The Starfield hype train has well and truly left the station, with only days until the game is released for the world to play and enjoy.

Up until now, very little has been revealed about the game. Fans are eager for any tidbit of information they can get their hands on.

Below we summarise all the most interesting and important bits of info from Pete Hines’ Discord Q&A on Starfield.

Bethesda's Pete Hines standing in front of Starfield Key art

Starfield New Info – Pete Hines Discord Q&A Detailed Summary

Pete Hines had a lot to say about Starfield during the Discord Q&A. Lots of new information about the game was revealed, including details about the main quest, the most important skill of the game, and what type of modding support will be available.

Check out the full Q&A over at Bethesda’s Twitch channel here.

Starfield logo in front of a view of the stars in the sky

Pete Hines says Starfield is his “Favorite Main Quest Ever”

When talking about Starifeld’s main quest Pete Hines gave it incredibly high praise. He said it was his “favorite Bethesda Game Studios story” and “ending to a story” they’ve ever done.

He says that the game “doesn’t even get going until you finish the main quest”. It’s hard to know exactly what this means regarding Starfield’s main storyline.

Will there be content related to the main questline after the credits roll? Or does he mean the other hundreds of hours you can lose in exploring Starfield’s plethora of planets and various side quests? Only time will tell.

Check out what Hines has to say about Starfield’s main quest in this clip:

Sarah Morgan standing next to a fireplace in Starfield

Mod Support – You Can Create Your Own Planets!

When discussing the scope of Starfield’s community mod support down the line, Hines alluded to some pretty wild and huge ideas. He suggested that you’ll have the ability to create entire planets with mod support.

He says that mod support is “coming” for Starfield eventually and is very excited by the “off-the-charts” potential the mod community can bring to the game.

The player looking at a distant planet while standing on a barren moon in Starfield

It Seems There Won’t Be Real-Time Interplanetary Travel

Hines wasn’t able to give a definitive answer to a fan query regarding the ability to fly between planets in real-time in Starfield.

He said that it wasn’t really his “thing” so he hadn’t tested it. But he did go on to say that you can jump to any planet or moon you see within a system using your Grav Drive.

Starfield Has a Huge Variety of Side Quests

Apart from the main quest, Starfield has an enormous variety of side quests, according to Hines.

He mentioned the game’s Mission Boards, where you can get a variety of quests such as prompting you to build outposts on distant planets, or even act as a makeshift spaceship cab driver. Just don’t forget to drop off your passengers, as Hines mentions here:

Lin and Heller at the beginning of Starfield

The Most Important Skill in Starfield

According to Hines, the most important Starfield Skill you’ll want to unlock very early on is your Boost Pack Skill.

He heavily emphasizes its importance early on, especially when traveling around the surface of huge and desolate planets on foot. “If it’s not your first Skill, make sure it’s your second” warns Hines, “like all skills, you won’t be able to use it until you unlock it”.

Starfield Walking on a Planet

With all of this and his recent comments about Starfield having well over 160 hours of content, Pete Hines has certainly been a busy boy! Hopefully, all of this rings true when Starfield releases for everyone on September 6.

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