Not only can you have parents in Starfield, but you can even visit Mom and Dad – provided you know their location!

If you took the Kid Stuff Trait during Starfield’s character creation, you get a special bonus waiting for you on New Atlantis. Not only are your parents alive in-game, but they’re waiting to welcome you home whenever you choose to come and visit.

Here’s where to find your parents and the location of their apartment in Starfield:

Where to Find Your Parents in Starfield

In Starfield, your parents can be found in Pioneer Tower, which is directly outside the Residential District NAT stop in New Atlantis, on the planet Jemison.

Head into Pioneer Tower and use the lobby elevator to reach their apartment.

When fast traveling or getting the train to the Residential District, you’ll see Pioneer Tower on your right-hand side.

Pioneer Tower in Starfield

The lobby’s elevator takes you to ‘Family Apartments’ but there’s only one door on that floor that can be opened. You guessed it, it’s your parents’ place!

To visit your parents’ location in Starfield, you must have the Kid Stuff Trait, which is only attainable in character creation.

Your Parents Location in Starfield

You can visit your parents as soon as you’ve completed the early mission ‘One Small Step’ and officially joined Constellation’s ranks. At this point you’ll get a new mission under Activities which tells you to ‘See Your Parents At Pioneer Tower.’

You may also get sent a note by Mom or Dad, which will be given to you by a fellow Constellation member at The Lodge.

More Starfield Parents Locations

But your parents won’t simply hang around the apartment forever! Although they’ll always be there when you want to visit, you’ll also run into your parents in various places around Starfield’s open universe.

We’ve encountered our Starfield parents at The Lodge when they came to visit our place of work (typical parent behavior).

Your Parents in Starfield

I also ran into them at Neon’s Astral Lounge, a seedy joint that they were embarrassed to be seen in. They were even more ashamed when I told them I had a valid reason to be there, being on business as opposed to… whatever they were doing there.

But even then, they didn’t leave in a hurry.

How to Remove Kid Stuff Trait

If you want to stop paying your parents’ rent in Starfield (2% of your Credits each week, maximum of 500), you can always remove the Kid Stuff Trait.

To do so, talk to your Dad and select the following dialogue options:

  • [Remove Kid Stuff trait] I’m not sure if I can keep sending money back home.
  • [Remove Kid Stuff permanently] I just can’t afford it any more.

This will cause your parents to have to leave New Atlantis to find more affordable accommodation. You won’t have to pay their rent any longer, but you also won’t be able to visit them in the future.

They don’t hold it against you, so if the 500 Credit weekly payment is becoming an issue, you can send them packing without too much heartbreak.

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