Starfield has not one but three New Game+ options that allow players to continue exploring the universe after completing the main quest.

Coming to the end of your time with Constellation means making a major decision. At the end of Starfield’s story, players will be able to choose one of three options when it comes to New Game+:

  • Starting New Game+ & Beginning the Campaign Again
  • Starting New Game+ & Skipping the Campaign (Unlocks New Content)
  • Or Continuing to Explore the Universe Without Resetting the Game

Technically only two of those options are actually New Game+ modes, but all three choices will be available upon completing the game’s final mission ‘One Giant Leap’.

The rest of this article will now contain spoilers for the end of Starfield's story and its New Game+ mode.

Starfield New Game+ All Options Explained

In Starfield’s final mission, ‘One Giant Leap,’ players construct the Armillary out of all the Artifacts they’ve collected along their journey. They are then able to Grav Jump to the Unity – a portal to another universe very similar to our own.

Here, they will make a choice that determines not only whether or not they’ll travel to a brand-new universe, but also whether they will remain human, or become Starborn.

Starfield New Game+

After arriving and being confronted by another version of themself, players can either step inside the Unity, or walk away from the new universe.

Here are the options available for Starfield’s New Game+:

What Happens If You Enter the Unity?

Entering the Unity causes your character to give up their humanity, becoming Starborn and traveling to a new universe.

This will cause your mission progress to be reset, as you begin New Game+. You will get a new Starborn Guardian ship, and a set of armor causing you to resemble the other Starborn you’ve encountered.

Becoming Starborn in Starfield

However, you will lose all your items, credits, relationship progress and more. All that carries over with you is your character itself, along with your skill progress, level, traits, and backgrounds.

After spawning near Vectera, you’ll make your way to The Lodge where you’ll find Constellation waiting for you.

You can then choose to either quietly join them again, restarting the Campaign, or tell them about the Unity, skipping the Campaign.

Incidentally, it is implied that all of the companions present on your ship also come with you into the Unity, though they are each sent to their own new universes.

This includes Sam and his daughter Cora, who may well get split up when entering the Unity (a decision that both of them have come to terms with).

Choosing to Repeat the Main Quest

When talking to Sarah, players can select “[Repeat Main Quest] I want to join Constellation. Unravel this mystery with you” to repeat the Campaign.

This will begin your adventure anew, despite the fact that you are now Starborn.

However, now that you know what future lies in store in for you, you are able to save all your companions during the ‘A High Price to Pay’ mission, which originally saw one of your friends die to The Hunter.

Skip or Repeat the Main Quest in Starfield

Choosing to Skip Main Quest

When talking to Sarah, players can select “[Skip Main Quest] I’m not who you think. I’m Starborn. I know what the Artifacts are” to skip the Campaign.

Constellation will initially be surprised, but they’ll quickly point you to the locations of 6 Artifacts from planets around the universe, allowing you to construct the Armillary again.

You’ll be able to speedrun a jump to yet another new universe, with no story required. Alternatively, you can stay in this new universe, bond with companions again, and explore all the side mission content Starfield has to offer.

What Happens If You Turn Back?

By turning back and walking away from the Unity, you are able to return to your original Starfield universe. All your companions, missions, and items will be waiting for you, just as you left them.

You’ll be able to disassemble the Armillary, thereby allowing you to Grav Jump wherever you’d like to go. And this allows you to continue playing Starfield as normal – until you’re ready to enter the Unity.

It’s not technically New Game+, and you won’t get the achievement for finishing the game, nor see the end credits roll. But when you’re ready, the Unity will always be waiting.

Which Starfield New Game+ Should You Pick?

Ultimately, while the decision is yours to make, the best option for Starfield’s New Game+ mode is to enter the Unity and tell Constellation about being Starborn.

This will lead to you skipping the Campaign and simply being able to gather 6 Artifacts once more, to continue exploring the multiverse.

It also unlocks new dialogue options with more people than you’d expect. Obviously, Constellation will be shocked at your revelation, but new Starborn dialogue options also appear with your Mom and Dad, Keeper Aquilus, and more characters.

Starfield Parents Dialogue in New Game+

However, we recommend finishing as much side content as you want to do, before making the jump to a new universe. If you’re halfway through a Faction’s mission list, bear in mind that you’ll need to restart that questline if you activate New Game+.

Is There a New Game++ in Starfield?

Yes, players can re-enter the Unity multiple times after gathering the necessary Artifacts in Starfield. This allows them to access even more universes, and reset their mission progress once again.

There are even Easter eggs for doing so. Each time you re-enter The Lodge for the first time, you may discover that Constellation isn’t how you remember it.

For example, you may find a universe where all the members of Constellation are missing, with just children found playing in The Lodge.

Another universe may see you come face to face with an adult Cora Coe, who is angry at you for letting Sam die. Or perhaps only a version of Andreja who is still loyal to House Va’ruun will be waiting for you, requiring you to kill Starfield’s best companion or convince her of your love for the Great Serpent.

Here’s one of our favorite outcomes, when the player finds themselves face to face with a Constellation made up of versions of themselves from other universes:

There are tons of special universes to discover, and each time players will be able to discover the Artifact locations before making the jump to yet another new destination.

Of course, if you like having Constellation around, you’ll want to find one where your friends are still alive…

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