Footage from a 12 minute Starfield showcase at Gamescom shown to a select few people attending the event has leaked online, and most importantly it shows new footage of the mega city New Atlantis.

With the release of Starfield imminent, fans are eager to catch an early look at the game. While there has been some marketing for Bethesda’s latest title, there is still so much that hasn’t been showcased.

Fortunately, the new footage from Gamescom gives fans a new look at some exciting gameplay and city exploration. You’ll find a description of the footage and the link below.

Starfield New Atlantis Gameplay Leak

The Starfield New Atlantis gameplay leak follows on from the game’s opening, which has been previously leaked in its entirety.

The player enters the space surrounding the planet Jemison and is told to wait while their cargo is scanned. After the scan is complete, they select the New Atlantis landing spot from the planet’s menu.

We are then shown footage of various areas in New Atlantis, including outside in the lush green walkways and inside a cafe-style building.

The interior of New Atlantis' main building in Starfield

Finally, it ends with familiar footage of the player entering the Constellation’s base, The Lodge, with VASCO the robot.

While the footage is brief, around a minute long, it does give players a better idea of the scope and scale of New Atlantis.

You can check out the footage for yourself here. The New Atlantis clip begins at 11:20, although the footage before also showcases gameplay from the start of the game.

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