Without a doubt, the Narwhal is one of the best ships you can get in Starfield.

With a gargantuan shield, massive cargo capacity, and space for all your crew, there’s good reason why the Narwhal is one of the most sought-after ships in the galaxy.

It also looks like the giant water-dwelling mammal it was named after, which is reason enough alone to get your hands on one.

However, a few conditions need to be met before you get in the pilot’s seat. Below we go over where you can get the Narwhal in Starfield and the skills needed to pilot it.

Veronica Young saying Prepare to be amazed in Starfield

How to Get the Narwhal Ship in Starfield

To get the Narwhal ship in Starfield, you need to purchase it from Taiyo Astroneering in the Ryujin Industries building on Neon.

It is located on the Volii Alpha planet in the Volli system in Starfield. Here’s the plotted course from the Alpha Centauri system to the Volli system on the star map:

Starfield starmap plotted Course from Alpha Centauri to Volii system

Once in orbit of Volii Alpha, select the “Neon” area to land there:

Selecting to land on Neon on the Volii Alpha planet in the Starmap of Starfield

Where to Buy the Narwhal Ship in Starfield

You can buy the Narwhal ship from Taiyo Astroneering in the Ryujin Industries building on Neon.

Follow these steps to find Taiyo Astroneering:

  1. After landing on Neon, head to the elevator and use it to enter Neon Core
    • You’ll find it across the walkway
Neon core elevator across walkway near spaceport on Neon in Starfield
  1. As you enter the promenade, turn left
Turn Left directions towards the Ryujin Industries HQ building in Neon Core in Starfield
  1. You’ll come across the Ryujin Industries headquarters building at the end of the promenade
    • Head to the elevator at the back of the building
Elevator at the back of Ryujin Industries HQ building
  1. Use the elevator
    • Select “Taiyo Astroneering”
Selecting Taiyo Astroneering floor in elevator in the Ryujin Industries building in Starfield
  1. Head to the show room on the sales floor
    • When stepping out of the elevator, take a right and then another right down the stairs to reach the show room
Taiyo Astroneering ship show room in Starfield
  1. Speak with Veronica Young
    • Ask her to see what ships she has for sale
Speaking to Veronica Young in Taiyo Astroneering show room in Starfield
  1. Buy the Narwhal
    • It will set you back a hefty amount of credits – make sure you’ve saved up!

It’s important to note that, as a Class C ship, your Piloting skill needs to be at least rank 4 in order to pilot the Narwhal.

How Expensive is the Narwhal in Starfield?

The Narwhal costs a whopping 450,000 credits in Starfield. It’s one of the most expensive ships in the game.

We recommend investing in your Commerce skill in the Social tree. When leveled up to Rank 4, you’ll get a sizable 20% discount on all purchased goods, reducing the Narwhal to a slightly more manageable 360,000 credits or so.

Narwhal ship in Starfield

Rank 4 of the Commerce skill will also grant you a 25% credit bonus to anything you sell, making your credit grind a bit easier when selling all that space junk you find when exploring.

Though expensive, it’s one of the best and most balanced late-game ships in Starfield. It has incredibly impressive stats that will see you through to the far reaches of the galaxy.

Narwhal Ship Stats

Here are all the stats for the Narwhal ship in Starfield:

  • Class C Reactor: 36 max ship energy
  • Fuel: 560
  • Hull: 2118
  • Cargo Capacity: 1760
  • Crew Capacity: 7
  • Jump: 30 LY
  • Shield: 995
  • LAS: 24
  • BAL: 114
  • MSL: 86
Narwhal ship stats in Starfield

The Narwhal’s huge cargo capacity will allow you to hoard and dump all the space salvage you could possibly ever want. It also has a base crew capacity of 7, allowing you to bring your favorite companions along for the ride and boost your ship stats even further with their additional perks.

The Narwhal can more than hold its own in a firefight. With a massive shield capacity and a healthy Hull, you’ll survive the longest spaceship battles against some of the toughest foes.

Close up of the Narwhal cockpit and weapons

Boosting your Ballistics, Laser, and Missile damage through Tech skills will also help to melt any starship you come across.

Finally, with a Grav Jump distance of 30 Light Years, it’ll make exploring Starfield’s vast galaxy a little less overwhelming.

How to Pilot Class C Ships in Starfield

To pilot a Class C ship in Starfield, you need to have ranked up your Piloting skill to Rank 4.

There are four 4 in total for the Piloting skill in Starfield. They are:

  • Rank 1 – You can now utilize ship thrusters.
  • Rank 2 – Increased ship turning rate and maneuverability.
  • Rank 3 – Unlock the ability to pilot Class B ships.
  • Rank 4 – Unlock the ability to pilot Class C ships.
Starfield Piloting Skill Menu

You must do the following to unlock each rank of the Piloting skill:

  • Rank 1 – Spend a skill point.
  • Rank 2 – Destroy 5 ships.
  • Rank 3 – Destroy 15 ships.
  • Rank 4 – Destroy 30 ships.

You have to destroy a total of 50 ships to level up through to Rank 4 of the Piloting skill. As ship combat only really occurs through specific quests or random encounters, it may feel like a bit of a grind.

Thankfully there is an easy way to farm ship kills to level up the Piloting skill quickly in Starfield!

Locking on to Enemy Ship in Starfield

Once you have reached Rank 4 of Piloting, you’ll be able to purchase better ship parts as well as the ability to pilot Class C ships in Starfield.

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