Farewell, fast travel! The SlowerThanLight mod allows Starfield players to travel between planets without a single loading screen.

One thing that seems to really annoy the gaming community in Starfield is the ever-present use of loading screens.

To travel to a planet you haven’t visited before, you often have to fast-travel from one system to another, then choose a planet in that system and fast-travel once more, before finally landing on that planet with yet another loading screen.

Ship in starfield

On Starfield’s release day, one of the most common complaints was that space feels like it doesn’t exist. When in your ship, you can’t actually go anywhere by just flying around, at least not quickly.

But now, one mod changes matters for the better.

What Is the SlowerThanLight Mod in Starfield?

The SlowerThanLight mod is a Starfield mod that allows players to boost their ship’s speed to more than a hundred times the speed of light, allowing you to fly to another planet in the same star system without using fast-travel.

This adds a new level of immersion to the game, and allows players to actually feel like their spacecraft is able to move about the universe.

However, true to its name, SlowerThanLight won’t have you moving as fast as you’d like. Even at hundreds of times faster than the speed of light, it will take some time to reach your destination, as seen in this clip by Twitter user SynthPotato.

With SlowerThanLight, Starfield players can use a hotkey to speed up or slow down their ship. However, upon approaching a new planet, they need to press another hotkey which quicksaves and quickloads the game, refreshing the assets on screen and properly loads your destination.

It’s worth pointing out that flying between planets like this was always possible in Starfield, as the mod doesn’t affect the game’s code in a major way.

But what it does do is speed up your vessel considerably, allowing journeys to take a matter of minutes rather than hours.

How to Install SlowerThanLight Mod for Starfield

To install the SlowerThanLight mod for Starfield, follow these steps:

  • Download Starfield Script Extender on Nexus Mods
  • Copy the dll and exe files into your Starfield folder
  • Launch Starfield by loading sfse_loader.exe at least once, then close it
  • Next download SlowerThanLight on Nexus Mods
  • Put the dll file into the SFE folder’s Plugins folder, which should now be inside your Starfield folder
    • The directory should look something like this: F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Starfield\Data\SFSE\plugins\Starfield_SlowerThanLight.dl
  • Now launch sfse_loader.exe to play Starfield and SlowerThanLight should be installed!

Remarkably this new creation is user 105gun’s first entry into the world of modding and it’s already proving popular.

Although ultimately players will return to fast traveling for most of the game, it’s nice to have the option to fly between planets freely.

At the time of writing, the Starfield Creation Kit, which will allow modders to more easily modify the game files, has not released. We can only imagine that the game’s fanbase will be able to create some truly crazy content once it has.

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