Starfield is almost ready to transport players to new worlds, and if you’re still not sure if you want to join the Constellation, our review roundup will help you decide.

The embargo for Bethesda’s Starfield has finally arrived, giving us a look at first impressions from reviewers all across the globe.

But, as reviews continue to trickle in, it can be hard to cut through all noise and see what actual reviewers are actually saying about the game.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered up a full review roundup featuring what all the critics are saying about Starfield and how it ranks with its Metacritic and Opencritic scores.

Starfield Metacritic Score

Starfield currently has an 88 Metascore on Metacritic based on 52 Critic reviews from various outlets and content creators.

We will update this article with any changes as they appear and continue to monitor all incoming reviews.

Starfield OpenCritic Score

Starfield currently has an 87 Opencritic Score on OpenCritic alongside 92% of critics recommending it to prospective buyers, based on 111 critic reviews.

We will continue to monitor OpenCritic for any changes with the incoming reviews. Starfield is a massive game, so it’s worth looking into various points of view to get a better picture of what to expect.

Starfield Review Roundup

Here are reviews for Starfield from some of the most trusted sources in the gaming industry and how they felt about their space adventure with the Constellation:

Attack of the Fanboy5/5Starfield is the most potent value proposition for Game Pass, being the killer app for the subscription service. It is also the best, most ambitious game in the Xbox Game Studios library to date.
Destructoid10/10I wasn’t sure if it could be done, but Bethesda has managed to raise the bar for sandbox games even higher. In the end, Starfield is a genre-defining epic open-world RPG with a beautifully immersive universe, a captivating story, and fun and addicting gameplay the whole way.
Digital Trends7/10Though it can’t nearly deliver on Bethesda’s intergalactic ambitions, Starfield is an impressive space RPG filled with impactful decisions.
Forbes95/100If you wanted a giant Bethesda RPG set in space with better combat and a whole lot of time to level and build things and explore and find secrets, yeah, this is it. They did it. Enjoy.
Game Informer8.5/10Go in with the expectation that it will take some time to find your footing in such a vast gameplay space, and there’s a universe well worth discovering here.
Game Rant5/5Starfield delivers on everything it promised and then some. It’s the ultimate sci-fi game, giving players an incomprehensibly massive world to explore and letting them play however they want.
GameSpot7/10Starfield has its moments, for sure. Its satisfying gunplay makes combat exciting, especially when it’s integrated into setpieces within its better, more captivating questlines. And although limited in its conception of space exploration, there’s a novelty in poking around the galaxy to see star systems up close and personal, and occasionally finding side content worth chasing.
GamesRadar +5/5Starfield is an expansive and beautifully crafted open world experience full of endless discovery and opportunities.
GamingTrend90/100Bethesda Game Studios has reached new heights in Starfield. A thrilling narrative, loaded with an entire universe to explore and backed by sublimely polished systems, has ushered in the ultimate Bethesda experience.
IGN7/10Starfield’s interstellar mystery story eventually pays off and, once the ball got rolling, combat on foot and in space gradually became good enough after I’d finished the main story after around 60 hours.
PC Gamer75/100So, I don’t love Starfield, but I’m happy to say that I do like it. Those first 90 hours I played were far from perfect, but I’ve got plenty of reasons to play 90 more.
PCGamesN7/10Starfield is a true behemoth of an RPG, and in many ways it’s the logical endpoint of Bethesda Game Studios’ well-worn formula. However, its massive scope pushes this formula to the absolute limit and the cracks begin to show, from feature creep to the stop-start nature of its exploration.
PC Invasion85/100Though Starfield is an ambitious sci-fi adventure that’s incredibly fun, beautifully nostalgic, and will age like fine wine, there are several fundamental decisions that Bethesda sticks to that makes Starfield feel like it’s stuck in 2011… for better and worse.
PolygonIn trying to do everything, Starfield obfuscates its most compelling mysteries.
The VergeThe latest release from Bethesda is reminiscent of games like Fallout and Skyrim, but with a new level of wonder and adventure — and a whole lot of polish.
Twinfinite90/100The beauty of Starfield lies in its humanity, and how deeply it cares about the Earth we live on and what we’ll do to survive as a race. It’s a game about breaking through the final frontier, about appreciating what we have, about the lengths we’ll go to advance, and while it has its flaws and missteps, Starfield explores these themes with a sense of earnestness and authenticity that’s hard to find in most other titles.
VideoGamer9/10Starfield is the enchantment and wonder of space bottled and fleshed out into something grand and ambitious, thoughtful and attentive, janky at times, often funny, but always charming.
VG2474/5Starfield’s grandiose scope sets the scene for a few under-developed ideas in an otherwise thoughtful, muddy take on the sci-fi genre.
VGC5/5Starfield is the ultimate Bethesda game. It takes what people loved about Fallout and Skyrim, and casts it across an enormous galaxy filled with captivating characters.
Wccftech9/10With an engaging story, well-developed characters and lore, and a huge amount of meaningful content, Starfield is one of Bethesda’s finest games and one of the best role-playing games released in the past few years.
Windows Central4.5/5With incredible writing, its slow-burn stories snowball into immense moments, and tight RPG/FPS combat thrills in spaceship battles, grounded firefights, and zero-G death ballets — Starfield is a landmark experience with a bright future ahead of it.
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