Players jumping into Starfield for the first time may be wondering if there is a max level. After all, with so many skills in the game, it’s important to know if you’ll get enough skill points to unlock them all.

Skyrim had a max level of 81 when it launched, which was increased to 252 after patch 1.9. Similarly, Fallout 76 has a level cap of sorts, as once you reach level 50, you won’t earn any more points.

But does Starfield have a max level in the same way as previous Bethesda games have? Below, we explain everything you need to know.

What Is the Max Level in Starfield?

There is no max level or level cap in Starfield. In theory, you can level up your character as much as you want without ever being stopped.

Despite getting an achievement once you reach the level 100 mark, called Reach for the Stars, players can continue leveling up way beyond that.

The Ballistics skill in Starfield

In fact, there are 82 skills to unlock in Starfield, each with 4 ranks that need to be unlocked by completing challenges. So, it is very likely that you’ll need to go beyond level 100 in order to get them all.

Additionally, the lack of a Max level means that there is no need to respec any of your skills, as you can, in theory, unlock them all in a single playthrough. Of course, currently, Starfield doesn’t have a respec feature anyway.

It is worth keeping in mind that leveling up will get exponentially harder the higher you go. Reaching 999 or even higher will take a considerable amount of time!

It is likely that there is a hidden max level or level cap in Starfield, as even Fallout 4 had a hidden max level of 65,535.

However, so far, a secret max level has not been uncovered, and it seems highly unlikely anyone would get that high in the first place.

So, don’t worry about a max level halting your progress in Starfield. You can continue leveling up for as long as you’d like, as there is absolutely no level cap or max level.

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