The same leaker who leaked early gameplay of Starfield is at it again, this time posting a review of the game before the embargo lifts on August 31.

The ‘review’ does not reveal much information, but it’s one of the earliest opinions of Starfield that we’ve seen so far.

Whether or not it’s an opinion you wish to value, is an entirely different matter.

Starfield logo in front of a view of the stars in the sky

Leaked Starfield Early Review

YouTuber DHavenShadow has posted a short Starfield review on his YouTube channel, less than a day after leaking extended gameplay footage of Bethesda’s space RPG.

Overall, he had very positive things to say about the game, offering veritable soundbites and near-useless nuggets of info.

DHavenShadow issues a warning to players that “it takes time, you’re going to have to read it”. It seems you won’t be able to simply dive headfirst into the game without doing a little reading first.

He goes on to affirm that Starfield is unique, suggesting it’s for gamers “who want a different type of game”.

For those wondering what the game is based on, DHavenShadow has your back. He reassures fans that it’s “about leaving the earth and all that, it’s good stuff”. He describes the gameplay as being “pretty swift” with “good moves”, though reinstates that he played like a “beginner” and that he’s “no gaming expert”.

Starfield Third-Person Protagonist

Despite his confessed lack of credentials, DHavenShadow gives his final verdict. He ultimately classes Starfield as a “good game” and says ‘y’all don’t want to miss that, Starfield for real”.

If that wasn’t enough, he also has a direct message for Todd Howard himself: “Todd, no offense man… that’s a good game”. What a 180!

The review has since been shared on Reddit, where many fans are in awe of DHavenShadow’s musings:

For those that can’t get enough of DHavenShadow’s Starfield content, there’s more. It recently came to the attention of this Reddit user that he’s planning to leak even more Starfield gameplay very soon:

Here’s confirmation of DHavenShadow’s further Starfield Gameplay leaks on his Snapchat:

DHavenShadow Snapchat Starfield Gameplay Leaks

As early reviews go, this is going to be tough to beat. We’ll find out if his words ring true when Starfield is released for all on September 6.

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