One of the most interesting Traits in Starfield is Kid Stuff, a bonus that allows your parents to be alive and well on New Atlantis. But is it worth the cost of sending Credits home each week?

When you’re creating your custom character, it can be tempting to choose a Trait to boost your stats. But the heart of Starfield lies with its characters, so why not try Kid Stuff and visit your parents?

Well, there’s certainly one drawback: having parents means you’re obligated to send 2% of your total Credits to them each week! But do the pros outweigh the cons?

What Does Kid Stuff Trait Do in Starfield?

The Kid Stuff Trait makes it so that your Starfield character has actual parents to visit, who live in an apartment in New Atlantis. However, it also requires you to send 2% of your total Credits to support them each in-game week (maximum of 500 per week).

It appears that the amount you send your parents each week caps out at 500 Credits. Therefore, if you have over 25,000 Credits, you’ll still only give them 500 a week!

Now that might seem like a steep trade-off just to have a couple of NPCs exist in-game, but it’s worth mentioning that your parents are lovely people who just want what’s best for you.

Your Mom in Starfield

And if you’re sick of paying their upkeep, you can also kick your parents to the curb, which we’ll get into below. But you’ll miss out on some excellent rewards for doing so.

Fun fact: Your parents are actually generated based on what your own character looks like. If you notice the parents in this article looking different from your own versions, it’s because our custom characters don’t look alike!

Your Dad in Starfield

Where to Find Your Parents in Starfield – Kid Stuff Trait

To find your parents in Starfield, you must have the Kid Stuff Trait, which is only attainable during character creation.

Then, head to Pioneer Tower, directly outside the Residential District NAT Stop on New Atlantis and you’ll find Mom and Dad’s apartment waiting for you after using the elevator.

Pioneer Tower in Starfield

As for how early you can begin visiting them, after completing the mission ‘One Small Step’ and officially joining Constellation, you’ll notice a new mission appear under Activities telling you to ‘See Your Parents At Pioneer Tower.’

If you take too long, you’ll even receive a letter from your Dad at The Lodge, AKA Constellation HQ.

All Rewards for Kid Stuff Trait in Starfield

If having living parents to visit wasn’t enough for you, here are all the other perks you get for having the Kid Stuff Trait in Starfield:

  • An apartment full of items to take and space to leave behind your possessions.
Where to Find Your Parents in Starfield
  • High School Backpack
High School Backpack Starfield
  • Grandpa’s Meatloaf Recipe
Grandpa's Meatloaf in Starfield
  • Sir Malcolm Livingstone’s Pistol
Sir Livingstone's Pistol in Starfield
  • Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit and Helmet
Gran Gran's Spacesuit Starfield
Credit: GosuNoob
  • The Wanderwell Ship
The Wanderwell Ship in Starfield

You’ll get these rewards periodically from your parents simply for coming to talk to them. Occasionally they’ll send notes via your fellow Constellation members, asking you to come and visit as they’ve got something for you.

But in return, don’t forget that you’ll automatically send your parents 2% of all your Credits each week. However, as we mentioned above, this appears to cap out at a maximum of 500 Credits, so don’t worry about it costing too much.

How to Remove Kid Stuff Trait in Starfield

To remove the Kid Stuff Trait in Starfield and stop paying your parents each week, simply talk to your Dad and select:

  • [Remove Kid Stuff trait] I’m not sure if I can keep sending money back home.

Then, choose:

  • [Remove Kid Stuff permanently] I just can’t afford it any more.

Doing so will cause your parents to have to move out of New Atlantis to more affordable housing. They are, after all, both retired and only manage to pay the rent here with the money you send home.

You won’t be able to visit your parents any longer, meaning that all gifts you’re yet to receive from them are forfeit. And there’s no way to get the Kid Stuff Trait back once it’s gone either.

But don’t worry, they still love you, and they are very understanding about your decision.

Is Kid Stuff Trait Worth it in Starfield?

Yes, the Kid Stuff Trait is absolutely worth taking in Starfield. Not only are your parents fun to visit, but they’ll even give you a variety of items including a brand-new ship!

On top of that, you won’t ever pay more than 500 Credits a week to them (something the game doesn’t tell you). And you’ll also run into Mom and Dad out in the wild too – they don’t just stick around the apartment all the time.

We’ve even run into them in the seedy nightclub, the Astral Lounge, on Neon. They were extremely embarrassed to be caught there.

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