Juno’s Gambit presents Starfield players with a difficult choice – should you attach the control board to Juno or deal with the Ryujin operatives?

Starfield doesn’t shy away from moral dilemmas, and the side mission Juno’s Gambit is a perfect example of this. While exploring space, you may randomly pick up this side mission – but it is far from your average fetch quest!

It starts off simply by destroying an Ecliptic ship before docking with a mysterious ship that has two Ryujin operatives on it. However, upon boarding the ship, you’ll learn that there is a very powerful, sentient AI on board – Juno.

It is then up to you to decide Juno’s Fate. But do you listen to Operative Khambatta and Operative Collins and attach the control board to the Juno Probe, or listen to Juno’s pleas to not be changed?

This Starfield mission has a trio of different endings, and these endings are entirely dependent on whether you attach the control boards or deal with the Ryujin operatives!

Starfield Juno Probe Choice

All Outcomes & Endings in Juno’s Gambit

There are three different endings to the Juno’s Gambit side mission in Starfield:

  1. Attach the control board to the Juno Probe – Bad Ending
  2. Deal with Ryujin Operatives by killing them – Neutral Ending
  3. Deal with the Ryujin Operatives by telling them to call it a day – Good Ending

Depending on which ending you want, you will need to act in a different way. In addition to deciding whether you attach the control board or kill the Ryujin operatives, some players can choose how to deal with the operatives, depending on whether they are part of Ryujin Industries already.

We’ve got a rundown of all three endings, as well as how you can get them below.

Starfield Juno's Gambit Options

1. Attach the Control Board to Juno Probe – Juno’s Gambit Bad Ending

To attach the control board to Juno as the two Ryujin operatives suggest, talk to Juno and select the dialogue options with [attach control board].

Attaching the control board will cause Juno Probe to go into emergency shutdown. You can then speak to the operatives and head back onto your ship.

Starfield Attach Control Board to Juno Probe

However, once you undock, Juno will detect the malicious code that you gave it after attaching the control board and become angry.

Juno then vents the Oxygen and turns off the life support in the ship, killing both Ryujin Operatives, who are still onboard. Finally, Juno grav jumps into space.

This is the worst ending for Juno’s Gambit in Starfield as both operatives die, and a vengeful Juno Probe is set loose!

2. Deal With the Ryujin Operatives By Killing Them – Neutral Ending

Instead of attaching the control board to Juno, you can deal with the Ryujin operatives instead. If you’re not a member of Ryujin Industries, the only way to deal with these operatives is by killing them.

After you have killed both operatives, you can speak to Juno Probe and return to your ship. Once you have undocked, Juno will grav jump into space to be alone.

Starfield Ryujin Operatives Juno's Gambit

We would describe this as a neutral ending as it prevents the shady Ryujin Industries from controlling Juno, a super-powerful AI. However, you also have to kill both of the operatives to do so.

Fortunately, there is a way for both Juno Probe and the operatives to get away from the situation unharmed.

3. Deal with the Ryujin Operatives By Talking to Them – Juno’s Gambit Best Ending

If you have joined Ryujin Industries, you have the option to get the secret ending to Juno’s Gambit in Starfield. This is the best ending, as both operatives and Juno survive.

Being part of Ryujin Industries gives you an exclusive dialogue option when speaking to Operative Khambatta, where you ask him to call it a day and offer to file the report.

Starfield Juno's Gambit Ryujin Industries Dialogue Option

Saying this convinces the operatives to leave the ship without you attaching the control board to Juno Probe.

This allows Juno to grav jump into space to be alone while you drop off the Ryujin operatives in Neon.

Starfield Juno's Gambit Deliver Operatives to Neon

No matter whether you choose to attach the control board or deal with the Ryujin operatives in the Starfield side mission Juno’s Gambit, you will get the same rewards.

However, 3500 Credits and 2500 XP are far less impactful than the moral quandary you’ve just faced!

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