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Starfield Is Exclusive to Xbox and PC, Jeff Grubb Confirms

According to the industry insider, Starfield will be exclusive to Xbox and PC.

Since Microsoft’s buyout of Bethesda, there’s been a lot of debate about whether or not Starfield is coming to PlayStation consoles. Now, Jeff Grubb is confirming that Sony fans are out of luck.

We don’t know much about Bethesda’s upcoming space-based project just yet, but it looks like exclusivity is already set in stone. According to new reports, Starfield’s release date is closer than you’d think.

But when the game does eventually launch, it’ll reportedly be exclusive to Xbox consoles and PC. It looks like Microsoft buying Bethesda for $7.5 billion will be starting to pay off very soon.

starfield exclusive xbox PC
(Source: Bethesda)

After all, as a Microsoft IP, Starfield will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day One!

Starfield Isn’t Coming to PS4 or PS5

If a new leak has credence, Starfield will not come to PS4 or PS5 consoles, being an Xbox and PC exclusive.

This news was confirmed by industry insider Jeff Grubb, whose confirmations are often as good as law in the gaming world. It’s always possible for Grubb’s predictions to not come true, but when he’s certain about a topic, it’s hard not to believe him.

This time around, Grubb is putting an end to the ongoing rumors about Starfield still coming to Sony consoles. According to a new tweet by the insider, “Starfield is exclusive to Xbox and PC.”

(Source: Bethesda)

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Bethesda’s space-based RPG will take players across the galaxy, but only on Xbox consoles. After having his confidence in his past claim shaken, Jeff Grubb announces that he has now confirmed that Starfield will be an exclusive for Xbox.

Bethesda Games Aren’t All Xbox Exclusive

Although Deathloop, another major AAA Bethesda title, is still coming to PS5, it looks like Microsoft’s buyout will mean that Sony fans miss out in future. Of course, Phil Spencer previously announced that games will be judged on a case-by-case basis, but we imagine that Xbox will benefit greatly from the purchase.

Recently, Jeff Grubb also revealed new Starfield release date details! No matter when the game does launch, we’re certain we’ll see more from Starfield at E3 2021.

And both Starfield and this new mind-blowing IP are coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day One. It’s a great time to be an Xbox fan, and new console stock is arriving in stores next week.

If you’re looking to play Starfield, it looks like you’ll need to find an Xbox Series X/S console. Thankfully, Microsoft predicts that the Xbox Series X/S stock shortage is about to end!

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