If your Starfield character won’t stop coughing then you can ruin both your health and your stealth potential. Thankfully, there’s a way to fix the issue.

Chances are, you, like many other players, fancied making a quick trip to Earth in Starfield. And perhaps while there you got a little too close to some dangerous gas clouds and developed a cough.

Now that cough isn’t going away and you’re beginning to get annoyed. That was certainly the case in our playthrough, and so we quickly found every solution, which we are now happy to pass on to you:

How to Stop Coughing in Starfield

To stop your character’s persistent cough in Starfield, you’ll need to heal their lung damage through one of the following methods:

  • Using an Injector (Aid Item)
  • Using Snake Oil (Aid Item)
  • Visiting a Doctor and asking to be healed
  • Waiting until the lung damage heals itself after a long period of time

Although all 4 methods are effective, Injectors and Snake Oil are the fastest way to stop a cough in Starfield.

How to Heal Cough in Starfield

These items can be purchased from medical suppliers, such as Doctors, or created at Pharmaceutical Labs such as the one below The Lodge (Constellation HQ).

Pharmaceutical Lab in Starfield

Doctors can be found at many major settlements.

One easy-to-access option is Reliant Medical, right by The Lodge in New Atlantis.

Where to Find a Doctor in Starfield

Why Am I Coughing in Starfield?

If your character won’t stop coughing in Starfield, it is because you’ve sustained lung damage, most likely via breathing in gas.

You can check to see if you have lung damage by checking the Status Effects menu. The yellow lung damage indicator will be visible on the right-hand side of the screen.

Status Effects Menu Starfield

Getting too close to the harmful gases given off by the devastated planet Earth is just one way that you receive lung damage.

Once you have it, you can either wait a few in-game days for it to clear up by itself, or you can heal yourself with Injectors, Snake Oil, or medical care.

Lung Damage in Starfield

While you have a cough you’ll find stealth impossible, as enemies can hear you coughing. What’s more, you’ll take O2 damage temporarily while coughing, making it a serious health issue.

And on top of that, you’ll just cough during important dialogue, which is as distracting as it is rude.

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