The UC Vanguard is likely the first faction you’ll be introduced to in Starfield after joining Constellation in New Atlantis.

Made up of a bunch of willing volunteers, the UC Vanguard is a lawful and noble enterprise, protecting those that need it most in the United Colonies.

However, there are a few conditions that need to be met before being able to sign up, including an entry exam and a probationary mission out in the field.

Below, we go over all the steps you need to take to join the UC Vanguards and to become a protector of the peace in the United Colonies.

Starfield UC Vanguard Commander John Tuala in front of the MAST building

How to Join the UC Vanguard Faction in Starfield

To join the UC Vanguards, you need to sign up with Commander John Tuala at the MAST headquarters in New Atlantis.

Here are the required steps to join the faction:

  • Talk to Commander John Tuala at the MAST headquarters
    • You meet him as “Sarah’s Contact” during Main Mission 2: The Old Neighbourhood while exploring New Atlantis with Sarah Morgan
    • He will introduce you to the UC Vanguard faction and offer to recruit you
  • Complete a pilot’s exam
    • This is part of the “Supra Et Ultra” quest
  • Swear an oath to the United Colonies Vanguards
  • Complete your first probationary mission, “Grunt Work”
    • Completing this will make you an official UC Vanguard member

There are two quests as part of the UC Vanguard questline you have to complete to join the UC Vanguard faction in Starfield. They Are:

  • “Supra et Ultra”
  • “Grunt Work”
Starfield UC Vanguard Pilot Simulator Room

Starfield UC Vanguard Questline: How to Complete “Supra et Ultra”

To complete the “Supra et Ultra” quest for the UC Vanguards in Starfield, you need to register to be a Vanguard and complete at least three tiers of the pilot exam in the Vanguard Pilot Combat Simulator.

Follow these steps to complete the quest:

  1. Find Commander John Tuala
    • He is located at the UC Vanguard headquarters at the MAST building in the MAST District in New Atlantis
    • You have to speak to him during Main Mission 2: The Old Neighbourhood and will be directed to “Speak to Sarah’s Contact”
Starfield UC Vanguard MAST Building
  1. Speak to Commander John Tuala to initiate the quest
    • Accept his offer to sign up to the UC Vanguards
    • He goes over the various perks of joining, including gaining credits, getting discounts at UC vendors, and being able to purchase a home after receiving citizenship
Starfield UC Vanguard Commander John Tuala
  1. Register for the Vanguard
    • You’ll be directed to the Orientation Hall in the lower levels – head down an elevator to get there
    • Interact with one of the terminals and agree to the Enlistment Agreement form to register
    • Do note that you need to be clear of any bounties before you can proceed
Starfield UC Vanguard Registration Terminal
  1. Explore the Orientation Hall
    • This area is completely optional but is a fantastic way of familiarizing yourself with the lore and background of the game
    • It acts as an informational exhibit where you can push buttons to hear details of past conflicts between Starfield’s warring factions
Starfield UC Vanguard Entrance to Orientation Hall
  1. Talk to Exam Proctor Samuelson
    • Head up the stairs in the Vanguard Pilot Simulator area and talk to Exam Proctor Samuelson
    • He’ll give you details on the exam
Starfield UC Vanguard Exam Procter Samuelson
  1. Initiate the Pilot Simulator Exam
    • Head into the simulator to start the exam
    • Upon entering, you’ll be inside a starship within a simulated combat scenario – you need to defeat enemies in space combat
Starfield UC Vanguard Simulation Door
  1. Pass the Pilot Simulator Exam
    • At least three tiers need to be completed to pass the exam – it increases in difficulty with each tier
    • There are six tiers in total, but you only need to complete three
    • Do note that completing all six tiers will reward you with 20,000 credits!
    • You can attempt the exam as many times as you like
Starfield UC Vanguard Pilot Exam Ship Combat
  1. Return to Commander John Tuala
    • After passing the exam, he gives you varying amounts of credits depending on how you did:
      • Tier 3 – 7,000 Credits
      • Tier 4 – 8,000 Credits
      • Tier 5 – 10,000 Credits
      • Tier 6 – 20,000 Credits
Starfield UC Vanguard Commander John Tuala Pilot Exam Results
  1. Swear an Oath to the UC Vanguards
    • Follow Commander John Tuala outside the MAST building and swear an oath to become a provisional member of the faction!
Starfield UC Vanguard Swearing Oath

Despite swearing fealty to the UC Vanguards, you are still only a provisional member at this point. You need to complete a probationary mission to become an official UC Vanguard member.

Follow the guide below to complete the “Grunt Work” probationary mission:

Starfield UC Vanguard Questline: How to Complete “Grunt Work”

To complete “Grunt Work” in Starfield, you must travel to the Tau Gourmet Production Center on the Tau Ceti II planet in the Tau Ceti System and defeat the Terrormorph that resides there.

Here’s how to complete the quest:

  1. Speak to Crew Chief Herath on New Atlantis
    • You can find him at the port in New Atlantis
    • He’ll tell you more about the mission and put some helpful items in your ship’s storage to help you
Starfield UC Vanguard Crew Chief Herath
  1. Grav jump to the Tau Ceti System and land on the Tau Ceti II planet
    • It’s very close to the Alpha Centauri system – here it is on the star map:
Starfield UC Vanguard Teu Ceti System Star Map
  1. Follow the quest marker to the Tau Gourmet Production Center
    • It should be very close to where you land your ship
Starfield UC Vanguard Tau Gourmet Production Center
  1. Head into the Tau Gourmet Production Center and speak to Hadrian
    • As you approach the building you’ll hear a scream
    • A voice will call out to you through the intercom asking to meet them inside
    • Here you’ll meet Hadrian – she reveals that a Terrormorph has attacked the settlement and is still roaming around
    • She will ask you to restore the Security System Connection
Starfield UC Vanguard Hadrian in the Tau Gourmet Production Center
  1. Restore the Security System Connection
    • Head to the blue quest marker and reset the Security System at the terminal
Starfield UC Vanguard Tau Gourmet Security Terminal
  1. Set the Tracking System Frequency to 183.5
    • Follow the blue quest marker into the next room and set the Tracking System Frequency to 183.5 at the terminal
    • Once set, the tracking system will continually beep, increasing in frequency as the Terrormorph edges closer to you
Starfield UC Vanguard Tau Gourmet Livestock Tracker terminal
  1. Restore power to the Kill Lanes
    • Hadrian gives you the option to utilize the “Kill Lanes” in the building – these contain automated laser weapons that will help in taking down the Terrormorph
    • You need to interact with three terminals indicated by a blue quest marker
    • Once all three are activated, you can use the Kill Lanes to take on the Terrormorph
Starfield UC Vanguard Kill Lanes Power Breaker
  1. Kill the Terrormorph
    • Make sure to lure the Terrormorph into the Kill Lanes to maximize your damage output
    • The Terrormorph is very tanky and will charge at you quickly, dealing a lot of damage if it catches you
    • Utilize your jetpack and try to perch on top of the surrounding buildings and structures so you can shoot it from above
Starfield UC Vanguard Fighting Terramorph at Tau Gourmet Production Center
  1. Collect a cell sample from the Terrormorph
Starfield UC Vanguard Looting Terramorph Cell Sample
  1. Return to Hadrian
    • She will try to analyze the cell sample but needs a more thorough analysis
    • She requests that you report your findings to Commander John Tuala to request the use of a better lab
Starfield UC Vanguard Hadrian
  1. Report back to Commander John Tuala
    • Travel back to the MAST building on New Atlantis and talk to Commander John Tuala
Starfield UC Vanguard Commander John Tuala Debrief
  1. You are now an official member of the UC Vanguard faction!
    • Completing this probationary mission now makes you an Official UC Vanguard
Starfield UC Vanguard Terramorph in Orientation Hall

What are the Rewards for Becoming a UC Vanguard?

After completing “Grunt Work” and becoming a full member of the UC Vanguard faction in Starfield, you are given the following:

  • 4,800 Credits
  • UC Vanguard Pilot Pack
Starfield UC Vanguard Pilot Pack
  • UC Space Helmet
Starfield UC Vanguard Space Helmet
  • UC Spacesuit
Starfield UC Vanguard Spacesuit

There’s everything you need to know about how to join the UC Vanguards in Starfield. Suit up, soldier!

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