The planet Earth does indeed exist in the world of Starfield and, with a little know-how, you can get to it and explore for yourself!

In the world of Starfield, humanity has abandoned Earth in favor of traveling the stars. But there’s good reason for the abandonment, as the planet we once knew is now completely inhospitable.

How to Get to Earth in Starfield

To get to Earth in Starfield, you’ll need to make a jump to the Sol star system. You’ll also need to be close enough to the system that you have sufficient fuel to make that jump.

To visit Earth in Starfield:

  1. Get into your ship and take off
  2. Zoom out the Starmap until it displays star systems
How to Get to Earth - Fly to Sol in Starfield
  1. Select Sol, then find Earth
  2. Hold X to Jump
Where to Find Earth in Starfield Sol System
  1. When flying above Earth, select an area to land and choose ‘Set Landing Target’
  2. You will then touch down on planet Earth!
Arrving at Earth in Starfield

There are no major points of interest on Earth, which is now nothing but deserts and glaciers for as far as the eye can see.

There are some mineral deposits to mine, however, as well as deadly gases you’ll want to avoid.

What Happened to Earth in Starfield?

Earth was abandoned in Starfield, after the planet began to lose its atmosphere a few centuries prior to the start of the game, during the year 2150. By 2203, the Earth was rendered uninhabitable.

Humans first touched down on Mars in 2050, and were actively living in space by 2100, so thankfully humanity was prepared for the necessary evacuation.

Earth Starfield Gameplay

When asked about the fate of Earth, Constellation’s Sarah Morgan has this to say:

“It’s all ancient history now, but the Earth lost its atmosphere. It started sputtering out into space. Humanity had about fifty years to evacuate the planet. That’s kind of how the United Colonies government started. Managing the exodus.”

Now, Earth is a dead planet, devoid of live. However, there are still a few remnants of the time before, such as The Shard in London, that can be found around the planet.

Is Earth In Starfield?

Yes, planet Earth is located in the Sol system, which is only a single jump away from Alpha Centauri where players begin their adventure in Starfield.

It’s easy to get to, as soon as you’re able to explore the galaxy for yourself. However, Earth has become barren and lifeless over the years thanks to a total loss of atmosphere.

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