If you’re looking to free up some inventory space, you’ll need to know how to store items without them weighing you down.

In Starfield, one of the biggest player complaints is that you always seem to be over-encumbered. Yes, you can store some items on your ship, but unless you’ve made a custom vessel with a ton of additional storage space, even that has its limits.

The best thing you can do to free up some space is to dump all your resource materials. And if you want to keep them safe and sound, there’s one place that offers infinite storage space in Starfield.

Where to Get Infinite Storage Space in Starfield

The best place to store items is in a container with infinite storage space, which is available in the basement of The Lodge, Constellation’s HQ in Starfield.

After officially joining Constellation during the game’s opening story mission, you’ll gain access to The Lodge in New Atlantis. Here, you’ll become an official member of the organization, and gain access to its resources.

The Lodge Basement in Starfield

Simply head down into The Lodge’s basement by using the set of stairs near the front door. There you’ll find all manner of research stations and workbenches for crafting.

And in the center of the room, you’ll find a small, unassuming box that has infinite storage space in Starfield.

Where to Find Infinite Storage in Starfield

You can store anything in here and it’ll never disappear, but one thing we highly recommend is leaving all your materials in the box.

Infinite Storage Space Box in Starfield

Interact with the container, switch to Inventory, and then select Resources and press RB / T to ‘Store All Resources’

This will often remove around half of your total Mass as well as getting rid of pointless items you won’t need outside of crafting.

Store Resources in Starfield

When you’re ready to use them to craft, simply return to the box, hit X then X again (or R then R) to open it and Take All items. Then you’re already in a room surrounded by crafting stations – no need to worry about being over-encumbered for long.

Use the materials in various stations however you’d like, then dump everything back in the box with the push of a button!

This infinite storage space will save you so much time and effort in Starfield, and it’s one of the game’s lesser-known but most helpful secrets.

Of course, you can put other items in there too, such as weapons, armor, or ship parts. However, bear in mind that doing so will lead to them also popping back into your inventory when you choose Take All.

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