Starfield players have come across a frustrating bug that persistently shows an “Incoming Weather” warning on the compass HUD and Status Effects menu.

Despite being celebrated as one of Bethesda’s “least buggy releases”, Starfield still has many glitches that rear their ugly heads.

The Starfield Incoming Weather bug leaves an extreme weather warning in the game’s UI, even after relocating to calmer environments.

The warning “Incoming Weather” symbol and message seem to be permanently present for those affected.

Thankfully, we’re going to go through a relatively easy fix for this bug below.

Extreme weather in New Homestead in Starfield

How to Fix the Starfield Incoming Weather Bug

To fix the Incoming Weather bug in Starfield, you must head to a planet that has extreme weather, find a building with an airlock entrance, wait or sleep inside the building for at least 24 hours, and fast travel to another planet for the weather warning to disappear.

The method for this bug fix was first found by user Dracus47 over at the GameFAQs message boards.

The New Homestead settlement on Titan is a great place to do the above. There is a building with an airlock right by the landing pad and a couch near the entrance. This can be found in the Sol system on Starfield’s Starmap:

Showing course from Alpha Centauri to the Sol System in Starfield's starmap

Follow these steps to fix the Incoming Weather bug in Starfield:

  1. Head to the Titan in the Sol system
    • It’s one of Saturn’s moons
Titan moon in the Sol system in the Starmap in Starfield
  1. Select “New Homestead” on Titan and land
Highlighting New Homestead on Titan in the Starmap in Starfield
  1. After landing in New Homestead, make sure the weather is clear
    • This is because the bug fix may not work if you land while the weather is already extreme
    • Check your watch compass HUD in the bottom left of the screen
      • If it is red and says “Hazardous Weather”, fast travel out and back into the planet to try again
      • Continue if it looks like this:
Looking at the outside of the New Homestead building in Starfield
  1. Head toward the building that says “New Homestead” in front of you
  2. Open the airlock and enter the building
Airlock entrance to the New Homestead building in Starfield
  1. Sit on the couch near the entrance
    • You can find it directly to the right of the door as you come in
Couch near New Homestead entrance in Starfield
  1. Wait for at least 24 hours and listen out for hazardous weather warning sounds
    • You should hear ‘beeping’ sounds while waiting that will signal to you extreme weather conditions
    • If you don’t hear it, wait another full 24 hours. You may need to try this a few times until you do
Waiting for 24 hours in Starfield
  1. After hearing the signal for hazardous weather, stop waiting and get up
    • You should see a hazardous warning signal on your watch compass HUD
Highlighting Extreme Cold Weather Warning on watch compass HUD in Starfield
  1. When checking the Status Effect menu, you’ll notice that the Incoming Weather warning has now disappeared
Status Effects screen in Starfield
  1. However, you may still notice the weather warning symbol on your watch compass HUD:
Highlighting Weather Warning symbol on zoomed in watch compass HUD in Starfield
  1. To get rid of this, teleport back to your ship
    • “Look” at your ship while using your scanner. Press “A” on Xbox and “E” on PC to Fast Travel to it
Fast travel to ship from scanner in Starfield
  1. Fast Travel to New Atlantis in the Alpha Centauri system
  2. Once on the ground in New Atlantis, you’ll notice that the weather warning symbol has now disappeared from your watch compass HUD!
Highlighting watch compass HUD in Starfield

Do note that you may still see the weather warning symbol in the pause menu of Starfield:

Weather Warning symbol in pause menu in Starfield

However, in our testing, the message and symbol have both disappeared from the watch compass HUD and the Status Effect screen using the above method.

What is the Starfield Incoming Weather Bug?

The Incoming Weather bug causes an extreme weather warning to persistently stay on your UI in Starfield, even after moving to a location that doesn’t have extreme weather conditions.

An extreme weather symbol stays permanently on the watch compass HUD, and there is a persistent weather warning message in the Status Effect screen that doesn’t go away.

It seems to be related to the “Echoes of the Past” Crimson Fleet faction quest, where you travel to the planet Suvorov, which has extreme cold weather conditions.

Here’s the Incoming Weather warning message in its entirety:

“INCOMING WEATHER. WEATHER WARNING. WARNING: Incoming Hazardous Weather. Seek shelter immediately”

The above message will stay in the Status Effect screen in Starfield, even if you are in an environment with calm weather. This is what it looks like in the Status Effect screen in Starfield:

Similarly, the bug causes an extreme weather symbol to permanently appear on your watch compass HUD in the bottom left of the screen:

Weather Warning symbol on watch compass HUD in Starfield

Thankfully, if you go through the above fix, it should remove this frustrating bug, allowing your UI to be clutter-free as you play!

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