Starfield’s shipbuilder allows fans to bring out their creativity as they make their personalized space vessels; however, many are struggling when assigning weapon groups.

If you wish to add weapons to your ship, you will need to assign each one to a weapon group for them to function.

The shipbuilder can be a little tricky to navigate, so it is understandable this part is confusing gamers. Let’s dive into how to assign weapon groups in Starfield.

How to Assign Weapon Groups in Starfield

To assign a weapon group, open the flight check menu within the ship builder and toggle to the weapons tab.

Here, you can assign your weapons on your ship.

  1. On your ship, press B (PC) or X (Xbox) to access the ship builder.
Starfield Ship Builder
  1. Next, press C (PC) or Menu (Xbox) to bring up the flight check.
  2. Use your mouse (PC) or RB (Xbox) to toggle to “Weapons.”
  3. Select the groups that say “Unassigned” and add a weapon to each one.

It is recommended that you add different weapon types to each group. If you add two cannons, you will still receive an error saying you need differing weapon types.

How to Assign Weapon Group

What Are Weapon Groups in Starfield?

Weapons Groups in Starfield are essentially a way for players to improve their ship’s combat ability. Assigning weapons to these groups allows gamers to use different modes of attack.

This means players can create a combination of attacks that can deal a ton of damage. If you run out of missile power, simply switch to your laser weapon as you wait for the missile to charge up again or vice versa.

Additionally, each ship will require three weapons to fill each of the weapon groups. If you only have one or two to assign, you will need to add another to your vessel.

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