Players may have encountered the term GRV while playing Starfield. It appears on enemy ships, as well as on the HUD of your own ship.

Starfield abbreviates a number of its complex terminology to help keep things simple. But sometimes, it can inadvertently make things more complicated.

If you’re confused by GRV in Starfield, don’t panic. Below, we’ve explained exactly what it means and what to do when you see it.

Starfield GRV Explained

GRV stands for Gravity in Starfield and can appear on an enemy ship as well as in your own ship’s system menu in the bottom left corner.

When the GRV symbol appears next to an enemy ship’s health bar, it means that you’ve successfully destroyed their Grav Drive, preventing them from escaping.

If an enemy’s Grav Drive is destroyed, you can board it, kill everyone on board, and either loot it or take the ship as your own.

The player shooting an enemy ship in Starfield

The GRV in your ship’s systems menu corresponds to your Grav Drive. You’ll need to allocate points to it in order to get your Grav Drive to function, and the more points you put into it, the faster it charges up.

You use your Grav Drive to travel between systems, as well as to escape especially tricky combat encounters. Having it charged up is essential if you want to travel in space quickly and safely.

So, make sure to put some points into your GRV system before thinking about setting off into space!

The player doing a grav jump in Starfield
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