If your ship is reporting ‘Grav Jump Pending’ when you’re trying to travel to a new star system in Starfield, you’re missing one key element of space travel.

Starfield can be confusing at times, and many of the game’s mechanics are simply left for players to figure out for themselves.

But seeing as spacefaring is a complex game, there are a lot of elements that could use some additional explanation – such as what on earth Grav Jump Pending means.

What Does Grav Jump Pending Mean in Starfield?

In Starfield, the error message Grav Jump Pending means that your ship is ready to travel to a new star system, but your Grav Drive is lacking power.

The Grav Jump Pending error message will be displayed when you have no power allocated to your Grav Drive, so your ship is unable to make the jump to a new system.

Grav Jump Pending Starfield

To remove the issue, all you need to do is power up the Grav Drive using the method detailed below.

How to Fix Grav Jump Pending in Starfield

To fix the Grav Jump Pending issue in Starfield, you’ll need to assign power to the Grav Drive. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Use the D-Pad (Controller) or LeftAlt+WASD (Keyboard) to highlight GRV in the bottom left of the screen.
Grav Drive in Starfield
  1. Press Up or W to add power to the Grav Drive
    • If you have no spare power, simply tab over to one of your ship’s other resources: Lasers, Ballistics, Missiles, Engines, or Shield, and press Down or S to free up some power being used elsewhere.
  2. The more power you assign to GRV, the faster your Grav Driv will be ready, and the sooner you’ll depart!
Grav Jump Countdown in Starfield

Don’t worry about it being a drain on your resources, however. Even assigning just a single bar of power to GRV will fix your Grav Jump Pending issue.

And it’ll only take 5 seconds to jump in most instances, so there’s no need to power up the drive further unless you’re in danger.

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