After enduring years of anticipation, countless months of development, and a series of delays, the fan base of Starfield can now rejoice as Bethesda declares that the game has officially gone “gold.”

Throughout its development, fans have been eager to hop into the Starfield world, explore the constellations, and travel to the vast number of planets.

Now, it appears the countdown to blast off can truly begin. Let’s dive in and discuss this important announcement and what it means for you as a gamer!

Starfield Has Gone Gold

Bethesda has confirmed that Starfield, its upcoming open world space exploration game, “has gone gold” in preparation for its September 6, 2023 release date.

In video games, “going gold” means the game’s development is complete and its ready to be printed on discs, shipped, and given to players on launch date.

Going gold usually marks the biggest landmark in the development process. This status almost guarantees the game will be available on launch dates without further delays.

However, despite this being the final version on disc, the development of Starfield will continue. Similar to most games, chances of a day one patch are high.

The announcement of Starfield reaching the “gold” stage is undeniably thrilling for the eager players anticipating its release, particularly due to the game previously facing numerous delays

Initially scheduled for release on November 11, 2022, the space action RPG faced a delay to the “first half of 2023.” Subsequently, in March 2023, the game experienced another setback, pushing its release date to September 6, 2023.

With the official completion of the game’s core content, Starfield fans can now rest assured and no longer need to be concerned about potential future delays.

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