With the world’s most popular consumer games show just around the corner, gamers everywhere are clambering to find out in what capacity Starfield will appear at Gamescom 2023.

Previously, Starfield was confirmed to show up at Gamescom as part of an “exclusive theatre presentation” in Xbox’s booth.

More recently, several scheduled livestreams have appeared on Gamescom’s official website that gives us a clearer idea of what to expect from Starfield during Gamescom 2023.

What to Expect from Starfield at Gamescom

According to Todd Howard during the Gamescom ONL presentation, attendees will be able to watch a theatre presentation of Starfield showing off exclusive early gameplay.

Howard mentioned that they’ve built a “300-person seat theatre” as part of the largest Xbox booth ever seen at Gamescom.

The theatre presentation will show off the beginning of Starfield. He said they will show the main character interact with a strange artifact that starts your adventure.

Check out Todd Howard talking about it at Gamescom here:

Additionally, it was revealed that Starfield will make an appearance on the showfloor at the Xbox booth:

Not much is known about what will be shown off here, but we expect it to be early parts of the game, similar to the theatre presentations mentioned above.

What Are Starfield’s Gamescom Livestreams?

According to Bethesda’s livestream schedule on the official Gamescom website, there are a total of three livestreams of Starfield.

Bethesda Livestream Schedule Gamescom 2023

Find details of all three Starfield livestreams below:

Starfield – Facts with Pete Hines

The most interesting livestream is scheduled for 11.30 AM EST/ 9.30 AM PT/ 5.30 PM BST on August 24, titled “Starfield – Facts with Pete Hines”.

Starfield Pete Hines Gamescom Livestream Schedule

Details are currently scarce on what these “facts” could be, but with a scheduled run time of approximately 90 minutes, we’d bet top dollar that some new details will emerge regarding the game’s mechanics and overarching world.

As Bethesda’s head of publishing, we’re sure Hines has a lot to say about the game.

You can catch the “Starfield – Facts with Pete Hines” livestream in exactly .

yfood – Cross-Promotional Starfield Stream?

The second Starfield-dedicated livestream is a lot more peculiar. Titled “yfood – Starfield Edt. with L. Andy“, you may find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out what it means. It is scheduled for 8 AM EST/ 6 AM PT/ 2 PM BST on August 24.

Starfield yfood Gamescom Livestream Schedule

As it turns out, “yfood” is a German drinks brand for meal replacement shakes. It seems they are teaming up with Bethesda in a cross-promotional effort.

Its limited edition flavor “Cinnamon Stardust” has the concept art of the game on its packaging. There is also a gameplay trailer for Starfield embedded on the site.

Starfield yfood Cinnamon Stardust promotion

Our best guess is that the “yfood” Starfield Gamescom livestream is some form of promotional ad. There is little hope of any further gameplay or new info to emerge from this. Though it’s meant to last for half an hour, so you never know.

Find out for yourself in exactly .

Starfield Gamescom Tour

The final Starfield livestream seems to involve a tour of the game’s physical presence at Gamescom itself. The livestream is titled “Tour Gamescom Part 2 + Gronkh M&G” and is scheduled for 2 AM EST/ 12 AM PT/ 8 AM BST on August 26.

Starfield Tour Gamescom Livestream Schedule

This is the second part of a tour that will take place on the previous day. Part 2 is scheduled for a whopping six hours, the contents of which are currently unknown.

If we had to guess, we’d say that this giant promotional Starfield Gamescom bus that was recently spotted may have something to do with it:

This part of the live stream will also feature a meet and greet with Gronkh, a popular German streamer and video game personality

Part 2 of Starfield and Bethesda’s Gamescom tour will start in exactly .

Even though very little has been revealed, the above should shed at least some light on what to expect from Bethesda when the show begins.

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