There has been a massive Starfield gameplay leak on YouTube, showcasing the beginning of the game.

It is the biggest reveal of gameplay we’ve seen yet for Bethesda’s latest title, and it reveals a lot of key features, including combat, character customization, and more.

Below we outline exactly what happens during the gameplay leak so that you can get an idea of how your initial Starfield experience will go.

Major spoilers for the first 40 minutes of Starfield below.

Starfield Gameplay Leak

Starfield gameplay has been leaked early to the YouTube channel DHavenShadow who received an early physical copy of the game.

The footage showcases the first 40 minutes of the game, including character customization, combat, dialogue sequences, ship combat, and a very stable frame rate.

The video begins with the hotly debated start screen before starting the game in a mining elevator. The player is introduced to two characters, Heller and Lin, the latter of whom is checking your suit.

After a long conversation in the elevator, the player arrives at a large mine which they walk through with Heller and Lin. Eventually, you find a harvesting gun and have to harvest some resources.

The player then finds a mysterious rock that they touch, and it shows them a strange vision. Heller and Lin then wake the player up, and you make your character.

Heller and Lin in a mining elevator in Starfield
Lin (left) and Heller (right) at the beginning of Starfield in the elevator.

You walk through a base with Heller and Lin before stepping outside. There you meet Barrett, and you have a brief conversation with him.

Before you can finish your conversation, the Crimson Fleet attacks, and you must fight them off. After defeating them, you return back to Barrett, who praises you and invites you to join Constellation.

The player then gets onboard the ship and takes off into space. There, they encounter pirates, who they shoot down.

Barrett in a space suit at the beginning of Starfield
Talking to Barrett outside the ship at the beginning of Starfield

The Starfield gameplay in DHavenShadow’s video, which is being played on Xbox Series X, runs at a stable framerate throughout the video. Notably, there are absolutely no bugs present at all throughout the 40-minute clip.

Unfortunately, as it was filmed on a phone in portrait mode, it can be a little difficult to discern specific details throughout the video. However, it’s still the most gameplay we’ve seen of Starfield so far.

The original YouTube video has been taken down. However, you can watch the original 40-minute gameplay clip here.

Additionally, you can watch a 12-minute clip from Gamescom including exploration of New Atlantis here.

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