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Starfield & Forza Horizon 5 To Release This Year, Claims Xbox Insider

Good news Xbox fans, it looks like Forza Horizon 5 and Starfield are releasing this year!

Despite the new Xbox Series X/S releasing at the end of last year, there have been very few games releasing in the past few months. Gamers with the newest generation of consoles have mostly been playing last-gen games so far.

However, a reliable source has hinted at the release of a number of upcoming Xbox titles, including Starfield and Forza Horizon 5.

Xbox 2021 Release Slate Teased

Microsoft has just posted a record earnings report, thanks in large part to Xbox, but 2021 could be even bigger for the company.

Earlier, Xbox Editor at Windows Central Jez Cordon tweeted a series of emojis. These could be hints at the upcoming release schedule for some huge Xbox Series X games.

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Xbox 2021 Release Slate

Starfield & Forza Horizon 5 to Release in 2021?

Cordon hints at the first game in the tweet with a Mexican flag and a car. This one is pretty easy to decipher and suggests that Forza Horizon 5 is releasing sooner than anticipated as it has been rumored that the game will take place in Mexico.

Secondly, the star and tractor emoji obviously point towards Starfield releasing in 2021. This RPG promises to be absolutely massive, but Bethesda has only shown a tiny teaser of it, with no release date.

Since Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda, many of the studio’s games have come to Game Pass.

The third pair of emojis almost certainly means Halo: Infinite. This is especially interesting when taking into account that Forza and Starfield were listed before because we know that Halo will release in the holiday period of this year. In fact, a voice actor has revealed the Halo: Infinite release date.

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In addition to teasing Forza and Starfield’s release dates, the tweet contains two more sets of emojis at the end. These games are unknown at the moment but could be announced soon if Jez Cordon knows some information about them.

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Halo Infinite

If the hint (and our interpretation of it) is correct, then it is huge news. This is because neither Forza nor Starfield has an official release date yet.

It suggests that not only will they both launch in 2021, but will also come out before Master Chief’s next outing. Therefore an Autumn or even late Summer release date could be possible.

Only time will tell whether this hint is true or not, but we are sure to find out very soon.

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This tweet didn’t mention anything about the possible Star Wars Mandalorian game that could be in development though.

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